What Type Of Leader Am I? (Essay Sample)

December 4, 2020

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What Type of Leader Am I?
Each person is a unique individual. Thus, each has his or her own unique traits that define him uniquely from another person. One has his own unique fingerprint. He also has DNA embedded in him as peculiar even to his or her twin. With this, each also has his own leadership style.
In my dealings with my family, peers, and other acquaintances, I have slowly discovered the real me through different situations. These events have made me understand the kind of leader that I am.
But before that, leadership style is the manner in which a person utilizes power to lead other individuals. There are different leadership styles dependent on the situation, the followers, and the function of the leader.
Here are some situations wherein I have identified myself to be using that leadership style.
Cross-Cultural Leader. I consider myself as a cross-cultural leader. There was this instance when I was made as a group leader in our youth group at church. There were various ethnic groups in our group. Although we share the same Biblical beliefs that were grounded on Biblical truths, there is this feeling of discomfort as most of my team members were new ones. I believe our Youth Coordinator made it a point to team young people who do not belong to their same race. Thus, the mix up.
Unfortunately, (I believed I was unfortunate that time), I was appointed as leader. We have a simple task of being a committee in a Youth Conference. Thus, I realized that in order to hold the group together, I have to understand the different cultures that were represented. There were Mexicans, Filipinos, Chinese, Black Americans, and Caucasians. As I was white, I realized that these group members might be shy and they might feel discrimination because of their ethnicity. Thus, I used the principles of a cross-cultural leader.
Democratic Leader. I am fond of watching documentaries of various leaders in different nations. I watched how nations rose and fell because of leadership. As an American, I am proud of the ideals of democracy that this nation has held through the centuries.
I believe I am more of a democratic leader. In a high school organization that I used to be a president, I practice delegation. I do not monopolize conversations. When there is an activity that has to be sponsored by our organization, I listen to the contributions of all members regardless whether I like or dislike their argument. In the world of democracy, both the pros and the cons must be heard. There is a balance between both sides. If all members are on the same side, then it would not be healthy as it is possible that that side might be erroneous.
When I preside, I always recognize both sides of the argument. Thus, I alternate speakers both from those who agree and disagree with the motion (as what parliamentary procedure requires).
Moreover, I delegate tasks. I see to it that all tasks are fairly distributed to all members of the organization whether they belong to my party when I ran or they do not belong to my party.
Democracy is hearing both sides of the coin. Thus, I am more of a democratic leader.
As each situation merits its own conditions, I have acted upon the condition. I used the type of leadership based on the situation. However, when I have to decide my dominant style of leadership, I prefer the democratic style. People of all sides are heard. Fairness and equity are practiced. This makes me a democratic leader. I love democracy.

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