Turning Point Of American Revolution (Essay Sample)

December 4, 2020

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By definition, war is the state of armed conflict between opposing groups. After countless of bloodsheds, the American Revolution finally reached its turning point. What battle was the turning point?
The Battle of Saratoga is the turning point in the American Revolution and is considered as one of the top fifteen most decisive conflicts in history. The said battle consisted of two important battles:
September 1977
October 1977
And both battles were significant in having the Patriots win. The Battle of Saratoga was the conflict for France to enter the conflict against the Great Britain by providing Washington’s Continental Army (WCA) with very much needed military support and supplies.
In this essay, a brief overview of the Battle of Saratoga will be discussed.
It all started with the British strategically plotting to take full control of New England from the colonies in the South and Upstate New York so that they can finally end the revolution; however, for the Patriots, this was the opening they needed.
British General John Burgoyne had planned to drive his men from Montreal to Albany NY along the route of Lake Champlain, then to Lake George, and finally Hudson River. Once they had reached south, they planned on joining forces with other British armies: the troops coming from NYC (north) and the troops coming from Mohawk River valley (east).
The venture of Burgoyne’s troop to south was halted near Lake George since there were multiple blockages that slowed them down and by the end of it, they were running low on supplies so Burgoyne decided to take some from nearby towns in Vermont; however, Colonist forces fought them there which greatly reduced Burgoyne’s men.
Meanwhile, Burgoyne’s subordinates coming from NYC and under the command of General Howe took over Philadelphia before joining forces with Burgoyne’s troops. Unfortunately for them, WCA figured out their plans and retreated to York so that Burgoyne’s and Howe’s troops could not join forces apart from Washington sending troops up north after realizing that a major battle would occur; moreover, he declared that any Militia could join his troops and that resulted in a large number of men to gather in Saratoga.
As said earlier, there were two significant conflicts in the Battle of Saratoga. The first conflict ensued about 10 miles below Saratoga wherein Militia sharpshooters, who originated from Virginia, assaulted Burgoyne’s men whereas the colonist forces from WCA charged straight into the battlefield. This battle was the Battle of Freeman’s Farm which occurred in September 19, 1777. The battle was said to be so bad for Burgoyne that he ended up losing a ratio of two men for one American.
From the defeat in September 1777, the second battle known as Battle of Bemis Heights occurred in October 7, 1777 when Burgoyne wanted to break free from the colonial forces; however, the British and their German allies lost this battle and was forced to withdraw north to camp in the now present Village of Schuylerville. Burgoyne and his men surrendered in October 17, 1777 and the win was later named Victory NY which the Saratoga Monument symbolizes for that important day.
What happened to Burgoyne?
Well, he left alive; however, he returned to England and was never allowed to command British troops again.
Decisively, the Battle of Saratoga ended up having the French to fully support the American cause by providing them with military aid and it was the most important turning point in American Revolution.

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