The Person You Would Like To Meet (Essay Sample)

December 4, 2020

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The Person I Want to Meet
At some point in our lives, we all have this one person that we dream of meeting. This person could be a famous artist, a national hero, a great political figure, or even a fictional character. Regardless of who we want to meet, we have our own reasons why we want to meet them.
If I’m going to be given a chance to meet someone I’ve always wanted to meet, it would most probably be Mark Twain.
Samuel Langhorne Clements, known by the world through his moniker, Mark Twain, was a well-known American novelist, humor writer, lecturer, inventor, and many more. He was well-known for his stunning pieces, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, “Adventures of Huckleberry Fin”, “Roughing It”, and more.
As a writer, Twain was well-known for his creative and cunning portrayal of social issues related to the American society and American people. His works are filled with witty and buoyant remarks of daily American life disguised as an adventurous journey of novel characters.
He died on November 30, 1835, but his influence, not only on American literature but the worldview himself, remains unbridled. True to his famous statement: “My works are like water. The works of great masters are like wine. Everybody drinks water.”, Twain was able to spread his influence and principles to humanity through his works.
Why I Want to Meet Him / Her
There are a lot of reasons why we want to meet a person. We could be idolizing that person for his/her important contribution. We could want to meet him/her because of a past acquaintance. We could be missing that person. Whatever purpose we have, the ultimate end game is that we want to meet that person.
If the person is still alive, then that dream could someday become a reality. However, if the person is no longer with us, then the dream is just a wishful thinking. I belong to the second one since the person I want to meet is no longer alive.
Mark Twain. That is the person I want to meet. I don’t want to meet him because he was famous. I want to meet him because his works were a fantastic addition to my life.
I’ve always liked writing and reading. This is the reason why I wanted to meet Mark Twain. His works were, and are still are, notable examples of how a person can influence the world without resorting to any form of violence. He had a talent for drafting great pieces of work and he shared that talent with the world through his novels. He was brilliant in the way he integrated his experiences and views in his works in a manner that they became crucial elements of the adventure yet are not the focus. He was able to disguise the views through his fictional characters and places.
I think that if Mark Twain is still alive today, the world would be graced with more works of art. His works are simply breathtaking, and I applaud him for a job very well done. However, he is no longer here. Hence, my dream remains wishful thinking. He may not be around any longer, but I feel, and I know that his influence in the world, embodies his character for generations to learn and appreciate. I think that with that, the man that is Mark Twain is eternal.
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