The Nature Gains an Advantage of Civilization

December 4, 2020

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17 Outlandish Places, Existence of Which is Difficult to Believe in
It seems that the opposition between a man and nature takes place since the dawn of time. And there are no winners and losers in this legendary battle. For now. But, sometimes the nature temporizes with civilization – a miracle happens. In symbiosis they give birth to a masterpiece, reality of which our brain refuses to believe in.
The team brings you to notice the selection of fantastic places on Earth, where mother-nature still managed to defeat mankind. Just look around: once some constructions, cars, premises or even instruments are left unkept, flora gets handsy in a moment, landing everything abandoned a prisoner.
As a result, we can observe such remarkable landscapes with an echo of civilization.
There are no words but mystic.
Old mill in Italy

Auto graveyard in Belgium

160 years railway in Paris, France

Centennial ship in Sydney, Australia

When roots of a tree and paving flag are united

Piscatory city in Kamchatka, Russia

Sacred temple complex in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Neglected hotel room

Railway station in Abkhasia

Solitary mansion in Ireland

Pripyat – City, abandoned after an accident at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Ukraine

Here one can hear the melody of the forest

Mining city in Namibia

Inartificial aquarium in a deserted mall of Bangkok, Thailand

A tree has eaten the bicycle

A plant kingdom has defeated concrete, Hong Kong

Deserted hotel in Japan

Sometimes nature takes over the movable creations of humans. Looking at these pictures, you can`t help but wonder why men are used to destroy and shatter everything.
Indeed, if only we had lived in a piece with environment, lots of disasters, accidents and cataclysms could have been avoided. But that is a different story…
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