The Hobbit (Movie Review Essay Sample)

December 4, 2020

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Based on the ideas of the novel of 1937, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit is a three film series full of fantasies and adventure. It was directed by Peter Jackson. The bigger parts of the trilogy, however, are inspired by The Return of the Kings appendices (French, 2012).  The latter is an expansion of J.R.R Tolkien’s work. The two works marry together splendidly to take part as a prequel to film trilogy by Jackson called The Lord of the Rings. The subtitles of the three films are 1) An Unexpected Journey produced in 2012; 2) The Desolation of Smaug produced in 2014 and lastly, produced in 2014 is The Battle of the Five Armies.
An Unexpected Journey
This is the first part of the film series. It is an epic, adventurous and with a great fantasy film. The story unfolds when Bilbo Baggins, a reluctant hobbit sets out a journey into the mountains to reclaim the land from  Dragon Smaug. He had been convinced by Gandalf, a wizard to accompany Dwarves, thirteen in number. The group was led by Thorin Oakenshield (French, 2012).
Earlier on, the dwarves had inhabited the lonely mountain on the far East and were prospering very well till the arrival of the dragon Smaug. The Smaug took hold of the gold on the mountain and drove away the dwarves from their land. On the hillside nearby was King Thranduil and Wood-elves (French, 2012). Thorin expected that this group would aid his people, but he was dismayed when he saw them take their leave instead. This gave birth to his hatred to Elves that was everlasting.
Bilbo was at first reluctant at the Thorin’s request, but he later changed his mind when the army set out without him the next day. On the way, they are captured by trolls, three in number. Bilbo stalls them from eating them, and the next day, Gandalf exposes them to sunlight, turning them into stones. In the cave of the trolls, they find some treasures. Other endeavors that they encountered in their adventure include a sorcerer who was practicing dark magic. They are guided by Gandalf to the Lord Elrond who gives them indications of a secret door to the lonely mountain (French, 2012). They later approached the white council where they presented their petition. They got a new company here, and they journeyed into the misty mountains.
In the misty mountains, they encountered stone giants, and they took hid in the caves. Gandalf captures the giants. Bilbo is separated from the army and is confronted by Gollum. Who, by possession of his ring, escapes death and also spares his life. The episode ends when a lonely mountain is in the visibility of the army.
The Desolation of Smaug
Following the events of the previous film, Thorin’s army is being pursued by Azog. The delegation of this hunt is given to Bolg by his father. Gandalf leads his army and discovers some black speeches imprinted on the ruins. He warns his army to stay on the path. They lose their way and Bilbo, through his acquired invisibility ring, directs them out (Bradshaw, 2013). He, however, discovers the dark force of the ring when he dropped it and brutally killed some creature to recover it.
Thorin and some of the dwarves are captured by the Wood-Elves and brought to the king Thranduil. He confronts the king for his neglect 60 years back when their land is invaded by Smaug (Bradshaw, 2013). Bilbo had escaped capture and was planning how to escape by the use of wine barrels that were empty downstream.  Other dwarves also manage to escape. Meanwhile, the king seals his kingdom and Tauriel agrees to help the dwarves. Gandalf had traveled south to the Dol Guldur ruins.
The army finally reaches the lonely mountain. Bilbo discovers a secret entrance. He is sent to get the Arkenstone. He awakens Smaug accidentally while doing so. While trying to find Bilbo, Smaug reveals Sauron’s return knowledge. He is afraid that the dwarves might get into the mountain. He is arrested. He lets his son hide the black arrow (Bradshaw, 2013).
Meanwhile, Bolg had attacked the four dwarves. Following the arrival of Tauriel, they are dispatched quickly (Bradshaw, 2013). During the long chase back into the mountains, Bilbo and the dwarves use Smaug’s flames to rekindle the mountain. They hope to bury the Smaug alive in the molten gold. The Smaug emerges from the molten gold, and they watch in horror of what they just unleashed.
The Battle of the Five Armies
Smaug sets ablaze the Laketown. He is, however, eventually killed by Bard the Bowman using the black arrow. The falling body of Smaug crashed the Laketown’s master and his cronies who were escaping using a boat. Bard becomes the Laketown’s leader and with his people seek refuge in the Dale. Thorin is at this time struck by the Dragon illness and is in search of Arkenstone which had been hidden by Bilbo. On hearing the Laketown survivors’ escape to Dale, Thorin orders the sealing off of the lonely mountain.  Gandalf is freed by Saruman, Elrond, and Galadriel who just arrived at the Dol Guldur. They defeat Nazgul together with Sauron who is formless (O’Malley, 2014). They are banished to the East. Bolg’s army becomes stronger.
Thranduil allies with Bard. He asks Thorin to give them a share of the gold, but the latter denies him. Gandalf arrives and warns Bard and Thranduil of the threat of Bolg’s army, but he is vehemently dismissed. Meanwhile, Bilbo sneaks from Erebor to hand the Arkenstone to Thorin. Thorin does not believe that all alone they had the stone. He becomes furious and wants to kill Bilbo, but he is summoned to release him by Gandalf. Thorin, before accompanying his army to join the battle had suffered from hallucinations that were traumatic (O’Malley, 2014). They win the battle, and Bilbo returns to his homeland together with Gandalf.
The Hobbit is an exclusive, epic, adventurous and with high fantasy film series whose ideas are generated from the novel by J.R.R. Tolkien, 1937. The book explores ways in which an inexperienced individual can develop skills and insights to eventually become a leader. One of the themes brought out in the film is the hunger for wealth in controversial to contentment and peace which is seen in the day in day out lives. The last thing the film tackles is whether victory is worth getting into a war. As said earlier the film is epic, and anyone who watches will agree with this essay that it is worth watching over and over again.
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