Sherlock, Season 4 (Review)

December 4, 2020

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Watching the Sherlock TV series leaves one intellectually dismayed, there is always a curveball, one did not see coming and the excitement rarely dies off. Season four is no different and the viewers are treated to events that constantly keep them on the edge. There is always a scene that one did not see coming or a development that leaves one with more questions than answers. At the turn of events, all that one is predicting will happen, tends to change and a new perspective is born. There is a thrill associated with the series that leaves one feeling the need to watch the next one. The level of suspense is always growing with every episodes that passes in these season. However, this is not new as it is a trademark in the show. Being a detective story, there is need for the level of suspense. However, this is a series that takes suspense to the next level. From one episode to the other there are events that leave one yearning for more and this relative to the execution of the stories from a very well developed script. It is always a relief, when the story development does not always follow a predictable path. As predictability bring some element of boredom, especially when it comes to detective TV series. That one is able to tell which characters are likely to act in a certain way, or where the solution may be found, leaves the audience with a distasteful feeling of professionalism and a vague sense of satisfaction.
Thesis statement: The fourth season, comes with quite some intriguing developments and they leave one satisfied and on edge at the same time, a fete that is quite interesting for the future developments.
Basic Information
This is a Crime, drama or mystery TV show, adopted from the Conan Doyle characters but from a modernized perspective. Sherlock Holmes is seen to be at the center of all the action, investigating various developments in the series to get to the bottom of the truth. The series an estimate of three episodes, all of which are parked with interesting developments.
For viewers this brings on mixed reactions as the fourth season offers some revelations which most did not expect. With the likes of Sherlock investigating a murder that took place in the 1800s and quite interestingly some of the secrets that come out at the end of the show.
The TV series is short given that there are only four episodes in the season. However, this is a season that gives a much more action packed experience compared to the other seasons. Ideally, there are more than one investigations to be carried out other than the normal approach where there is a single crime to be investigated.
The series is quite put together and this is evident in the fourth season where the developments are kept interesting and more importantly well executed, especially with reference to the actors and the acting processes. Acting refers to the performance and the ability of the actors selected to be in a position to bring out the best in their roles. This is important, as such imperfections bring down the quality of a show. This is regardless of the quality of the script and the theme of the storyline.
This is a show that also features scenes from a classic time, meaning the scenes are in the past; The Abominable Bride.  As such, it requires some high level finesse, when it comes to acting. It is however not a problem, as most of the scenes are brought out in the best way possible. Most importantly, the actors are able to bring out the theme of a classic.
Sherlock and Watson are also able to pull off their duo act in a manner that leaves feeling the connectedness to the scenes and the content. Matching two characters in a show that is quite complex as these, can be tricky as the two may give off two may cannibalize the story. However, these two work seamless and they each give the show flavor in their own way. This gives the film a rather sturdy acting approach when considering the performances by Holmes and Moriarty. Freeman, Andrew Scott and Cumberbatch, are able to pull off one of the best performances of the show, giving the audience a chance to experience true talent in the actors.
There is never a section in the series where the audience are sure of what is going to happen next. Suspense, relates to being in an uncertain cognitive state.  Going back in time to resolve a murder is an aspect that leaves the audience yearning to know what happens. This is a trademark with the show, where the level of suspense keeps the viewers glued to their screens.
More importantly the last episodes as a result of the culminating development of the rest of the episodes with reference to the personal stories and the level of execution; there is a higher standard that is now set. For most of the viewers that are avid followers of the show they have a new standard to expect, after this one. There is an element of suspense that leaves one wondering what the new development is, after the show came this high.
Cultural Relevance
As a classical show especially with reference to The Abominable Bride, this means that much of the action is indicated to have happened in the past. The level of execution of the classical times is excellent with all the props and setting of the entire show. This is a crucial element when it comes to bringing the audience to a time in history, when most of the aspects were rudimentary.
Switching between the classical time and the current times there is evidence of relevance. The show is able to cleanly bring the difference between the two times in question. This is relative to the fact that, being able to illustrate two different times and cultural diversity is a fete that not many shows are able to pull off with precision. This gives some element of precision when it comes to displaying cultural relevance, from the acts scenes and the settings.
The show is one that is full of mystery, as the audience are taken through various thrilling developments in the series coupled with subtle suspense. Mystery refers to events or aspects that cannot be explained as they tend to baffle general understanding, for the general audience. When going back in time to solve murder in the first episode, the audience are not sure of what will come out of it. This gives an element of mystery.
There is also the case of a sister comes up this tends to throw the audience into a state of dismay as they do not understand how it is that she is alive. This is a unique experience and one that forces the audience to refer to other scenes in the past. The audience are put in a position where they do not understand the developments of the story and how it is going to play out.
General Quality
There is a certain level of quality in the show where not many shows have been able to achieve. The general quality in this case refers to the way the show has been put together. Watching the show, one is able to appreciate the level of complexity of the scenes and the themes. It is not simply as show where the main actors solve crime, rather it is a show with touch and storylines from the characters.
Most crime investigative shows have very shallow stories to run with, not Sherlock. This is a show that shows quality in the development and the execution of the script. There is not an element of predictability in the show which is one of the reasons it is quite interesting.
Considering the criterion used, the show is quite good and one that involves the audience at every stage. This is a show that one can easily recommend, especially to persons that appreciate complex storylines that are merged in subtle suspense.

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