Scholarship Essay Guidance In 2018

December 4, 2020

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Scholarship Essay
If you are applying for a scholarship, scholarship essay is a requirement though you may lack the necessary skills to write a winning scholarship. You may think of the best way of to impress the scholarship committee by giving them brief information about yourself and the dedicated goals. However, you may not have the necessary skills needed to write the best essay. Welcome to scholarship essay guidance that gives you the best tips for writing scholarship essays with samples detailing on their applications.
Scholarship Essay Samples:
10 Tips on Winning Scholarship Essay Writing
It is necessary to follow the following steps on how to write a scholarship essay that would help you pay the college fees.
1. Use attention grabber in your first sentence: the strong introduction is essential for scholarship essays. The scholarship committee is usually interested in essays that are interesting and pay attention to how a student expresses himself. Thus, attention grabber is important in the scholarship essay. For example, I lost hope of improving my career on May 12, 2002.
2. Develop a tendency of re-adjusting scholarship essays: when writing a scholarship essay, it is important to be unique. Even if a student uses a given essay for different scholarship essays, making a difference gives the essay a new angle when examined by the scholarship committee.
3. Venture in surprises: student typically ventures in normal topics such as influencers in life such as parents. However, it is necessary to pick a different topic especially on a mentor or a person who has played a bigger role in influencing your life in a positive way. This person should be a teacher or a fellow student but not a parent. Most students who win scholarship essays personalize such people.
4. Follow instructions provided: most scholarship essays that are off the topic or instructions put off readers. It is necessary to be on the limit without providing excessive words or writing fewer words. Therefore, students are urged to follow instructions provided.
5. Focus on the scholarship essay topic: students should focus on the essay topic and be précised on the main idea. It is important since it enables the essay reader not to strain or feel bored. There is a higher chance of the scholarship committee throwing the essay paper in case it does not focus on the topic.
6. Focus on a point: it is important to ensure that the scholarship essay has a consolidated thesis statement. Furthermore, the essay should answer the questions provided.
7. Correct spelling errors: numerous spelling errors lower the quality of scholarship essay to the extent that the readers take no time to disqualifying the essay. Most scholarship judges read a lot of essays and are keen to identify the best essays hence spelling errors are the best reasons for disqualification.
8. Embrace correct grammar and punctuations: besides using correct spellings in the essay, students should embrace correct grammar and punctuations. Furthermore, they should avoid improper use of homophones. Having another person reading the essay is important. A new person can correct wrong punctuations and incorrect usage of grammar in the essay.
9. Develop an interest in the scholarship essay: embracing genuine emotions in the essay is important. The student should write on the topics that interest them most rather than what they think they should write.
10. Avoid redundancy especially in conclusions: poor scholarship essays are not interesting and are full of rephrasing of the thesis statements. Therefore, scholarship essay writing help students should have the skills in explaining the importance of the essay and why it should be regarded as the best amongst the numerous essay works. In a nutshell, the essay should answer the “So what?” question.
“Why do you need this scholarship?”
I have always wanted to be a licensed healthcare practitioner due to my passion for nursing and medicine. In most cases, I have been dedicating my time to help others, especially in Maryland. Currently, I am planning to advance my medical school to be a licensed nurse hence it will boost my valuable skills. However, I have not been able to achieve the objective due to inadequate finance. Receiving the scholarship will boost my confidence and help me concentrate on my education to achieve my long term goal. On the same note, this scholarship will help me reduce the stress over lack of funds creating a favorable time to gain all round experience.
Currently, I work for more than 18 hours a week to pay back the loans that I had taken out from students and friends in accomplishing my immediate goals. Besides, the scholarship will give me the chance to advance my interpersonal skills at a higher level. I believe in quality and prompt delivery of services at the required time. Therefore, the financial support from the scholarship will enable me to gain the degree required at the time with no delay hence will enable me to start practicing medical without delays.
Five years from now I see myself as a fully employed staff in one of the hospitals as well as giving back to the community within the Maryland State and beyond pegged on the scholarship that I need. Therefore, this is the best chance for gaining experience if this opportunity is granted to me.
In conclusion, I feel motivated to take this chance to present my scholarship essay to the panel and feel confident that it will be the winning essay.
“Why does education matter to your community?”
I come from Haiti, a country that has suffered numerous disasters such as cyclones, hurricanes, torrential rains, tropical storms, earthquakes and floods among others. In the year 2010, the worst cholera outbreak was witness spreading across Port-au-Prince that overwhelmed hospitals and brought straining in the crowded cities. Earthquake displaced millions of people amidst the cholera outbreak that lasted from June through November. I could not hold tears from rolling down my chicks as I watched children and adults die of cholera.
I am aware that improvement of the livelihood of the society or the community can only be achieved through education. Better education is not only about getting jobs and skills used for writing articles or developing statistical reviews or investing a lot on properties. However, education is about having noble ideas and concepts that are difficult to understand and tailoring such ideas to help the community or improving the lives of people in the society.
Most students in Haiti do not get the opportunity further their studies and careers to improve the communities. Even though I currently pursue my education in the USA, I cannot forget the sufferings of my native country Haiti. The people suffer most due to fewer doctors, poor health facilities and inadequate resources channeled to medication. Such experiences coupled with the passion of giving back to the community has necessitated my need to further my education as a nurse in the well-developed nation to help the suffering community in Haiti.
In conclusion, getting the scholarship will help me gain the required skills at the crucial time when my assistance is required by my community in Haiti. My career objective is to be a qualified nurse with license hence would help in serving the community.
“Do you consider yourself to be a leader?”
A leader is a person that can effectively utilize the skills to manage the limited resources and people to achieve a specific goal. These leaders are made through education and molding.
It is important to note that some people are born with innate skills of leaderships such as communication, creativity, confidence, assertiveness and problem-solving skills. However, these skills cannot be put into good use without training, education, and experience through interaction.
Great leaders are made through education, and I see myself as one of the leaders who is made. Obtaining scholarship is one of the best ways to achieve education and training to become a good leader. For example, skills such as communication, listening skills, tolerant, empathy, patient and accommodative can be achieved through education.
Good leaders undergo transformation and experience that impact positively in thinking, behavior, and success. The nature of such experiences varies concerning the educational levels, levels of interactions with other leaders as well as exposure. Therefore, gaining such educational experience cannot be achieved with limited financial support. Conversely, provision of scholarship opens the opportunity to further development of career to gain the experience required in leadership.
Good leaders who successfully adopt their thinking and behavior in different circumstances have gone through a learning process before attaining such skills in leadership. I see myself as a conscientious person with decision-making skills as well as innovative skills and having varied techniques for motivation. Such skills were not innate. However, I have been developing such skills through education. Furthermore, new ideas are acquired through constant learning and education. However, students who have no cash may not develop such skills due to limited chances to gain more experience. Therefore, obtaining scholarship provides better opportunity to expand career and expertise on leadership.
In conclusion, I consider myself as a leader who only needs further development in professional career to improve on the innate skills.

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