Satire Essay Topics

December 4, 2020

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Satire Essay Topics List
According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, satire is defined as “humor that is used to make fun of and often show the weaknesses of someone or something.” Satirical or satire essays often make use of humor, irony, and hyperbole to poke fun or criticize an object or a person. A majority of these are aimed at politicians, particular events, or even celebrities. The purpose of writing a satirical essay is simply to entertain readers and therefore, topic selection is indeed critical.
Consequently, here are examples of satire essay topics you can consider when writing your essay:
Increased fixation with social media platforms.
Employment: The harder you work, the lesser the pay.
The US government struggle to develop a new health care act.
The federal budget and its flaws.
Kevin Durant getting booed in return to Oklahoma.
The rift between Dalai Lama and the Chinese government.
Increased rate of teenage pregnancies.
Workplace harassment.
Sexual harassment in the workplace.
Gender bias in the workplace.
Problems the upper-class individuals face.
Facebook and Instagram friends are the best.
How to twist a lie and make it convincing.
Why school is a waste of time.
Video game skills should be considered during job interviews.
Why the phrase “Any publicity is good publicity” makes zero sense.
The recipe of being an annoying human being.
How to change from an extrovert to an introvert.
Special guidelines on how to fail in your exams.
Do politicians tell lies?
Why should the Avengers lead our troops in the fight against ISIS?
Why I will hire Mike Ross and Harvey Specter as my lawyers?
Do we really need gun control?
Why global warming is simply a hoax?
Advantages of being homeless.
Do we really need the freedom of speech?
Writing a movie review on a movie you have never watched.
How to avoid getting punished even while you are on the wrong?
How to pass your exams without studying?
Reasons why dropping out of school is important for some people.
Why it is important to have your teenager son/daughter as your financial advisor.
Why you should be friends with your parents on social media.
Why it is important not to ignore strangers.
Reasons why some men should consider being stay-at-home dads.
Why your pet will never assume the role of your best friend.
What diseases has music really cured?
If the ozone layer is depleted, what will we be left with?
Who is the slave, man or technology?
What should be the appropriate sentence or punishment for animal cruelty charges?
What exactly is meant by the phrase “rat race”?
Are rats also involved in their rat race?
Reasons why girls workout more than boys.
Eliminating currency can help solve the problem of lack of money.
Why cars should be banned to help reduce air pollution.
Why FIFA should make soccer watching illegal to avert the dangers of hooliganism.
Food should be distributed according to a person’s body weight.
Equal salaries are the only solution to help eliminate social prejudice.
What will we do when the graves become overcrowded?
Using illegal immigrants as free workforce can help prevent others from coming.
Why TV shows currently make a strong case to be considered as babysitters.
If you wake up as Kanye West tomorrow, would you remain married to Kim?
As president for a day, which basketball game would you rush to watch?
Each country should build a wall round its borders to help keep its people in.
Is healthcare as complicated as the Republicans are making it to be?
Will it ever be possible to assign one’s sleeping time to a robot?
Should teachers be required to wear uniforms?
How to win an argument with your girlfriend.
How to break up with your girlfriend via social media.
A guy’s hairdo advice for girls.
Steps on how to be annoying on social media.
How politicians lie and blame it on their duty to the citizens.
Things to do to avoid getting into a relationship.
What to do when your boss finds you mocking them.
Ten reasons why brushing your teeth brings you closer to your grave.
What are some of the problems that the working class individuals face?
How to arrange and have an awkward date with your crush.
Why Donald Trump is my hero.
How not to do your chores.
What to do when surrounded by zombies.
If my identity is stolen, will I have a different face?
How to always show up late for dates.
How not to get asked what you are currently doing with your life.
How aliens built the Great Chinese Wall.
How to breakup with your girlfriend without talking to her.
How to defeat terrorists by downing our fighting gear.
How to be a nosy friend.
Here are some of the real causes of global warming.
Why I will be voting for Captain America as the 46th President of the United States.
Why we need an off button for the Internet.
Why conservative media houses should exclusively cover news regarding Trump.
Google is indeed making us more knowledgeable and hard-working individuals.
Why I prefer North Korea’s press freedom to ours.
Why women lift heavier weights than men especially in the gym.
Why recycling is the worst remedy for environmental pollution.
Top 10 reasons why Russia is America’s closest ally.
Reasons why Brexit is good for Britain.
Five reasons why animals should have equal rights as human beings.
Why deforestation must continue to help accommodate the surging number of people.
Is capitalism the direct opposite of communism?
Should people be forced into interracial marriages so as to help eliminate racial discrimination?
Why Kenneth Bone became an Internet sensation during the presidential debate.
Five reasons why President Trump was sniffing a lot during the debate.
Why President Trump has the best temperament compared to a majority of former US presidents.
Why President Trump is likely to deliver on all of his promises before his first 100 days in office are over.
Why I prefer taking the trash out over all other chores.
Why the barter system is better than the current monetary system.
How students can experience a stress-free environment in college.
How mathematics came to be my favorite subject in school.
Why the government is right to infringe on our privacy.
Where do all the mismatched socks disappear to?
Some of the inherent mistakes within our families.
Don’t be shy to pay for writing essays on different satire topics if you really need them.

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