Romanticism In The Last Of The Mohicans (Essay Sample)

December 4, 2020

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Romanticism in ‘The Last of the Mohicans’
The danger of unknown enemies in the thick American forests and the tragedy of an unexpected hero are only a few of the appealing elements in “The Last of the Mohicans” by James Fenimore Cooper. This classic American literature piece is a perfect example of a novel that follows the Romanticism movement. This paper will discuss this novel to help improve a scholar’s understanding of romanticism and its own relevance today.
The Author’s Thoughts in Romanticism
The Romanticism movement became a popular concept in Europe and America in the late 1800s. Cooper placed the beloved characters of “The Last of the Mohicans” in the year of 1757. He painted the struggle the Americans faced in the New World as they continued to battle the French over land. The author used the real conflicts of the Seven Year War to add to the drama of his novel.
Readers of Cooper’s time would analyze his work and relate to the battles he described to the war. They would also be excited through the descriptions of action and tragedies. With the setting and the tragic events, the readers would unlock the romantic message. This is because Romanticism is characterized by magnifying emotions of fear, honor, loss, and love.
Understanding the author’s mind guides scholars to realize the inspiration of the story. Scholars may also connect to Cooper’s piece since wars continue to occur. They can imagine the devastation of events and politics which are like the current global conflicts. Furthermore, scholars can realize that romanticism can motivate social awareness and self-expression.
The Establishment of the New York Forests
The novel’s plot is painted in the terrifying forests of New York. The fictional journeys to Fort William Henry and the tribal villages are essential illustrations of romanticism. Romanticism glorifies the beauty of art. Cooper’s vision of troubling his beloved characters in scary settings attracts readers. He keeps the romantic emotions to keep his audience and comprehend its romantic message.
Cooper creates Hawkeye, Uncas and Chingachgook as native Mohicans who truly knew the richness of the forests. Their knowledge of dealing with the Hurons’ territories produced the pace of the story. It displays romantic elements because the movement gives importance to nationalism. Chingachook being the sole survivor points out the author’s message the natives are the true owners of the New World.
The way the setting is colorfully described teaches scholars pointers in their own composition skills. It creates an understanding between readers and the literature piece. It ultimately attracts them to the romantic movement.
The Development of the Romantic Hero
The most vital element of this American romanticism classic is its main hero, Hawkeye. Hawkeye unexpectedly becomes the lead of the novel because he guides the Americans to their destiny and defends them. He evades certain clichés of an Indian since he does not turn to murder as a quick solution to the power conflict in the New World. romanticism literature centers on the hero who stands for individualism. Hawkeye does this because Cooper shaped the character to represent the next generation of Native Americans.
Scholars can conclude that this novel teaches the foundation of cultural history. It molded hero’s participation of producing high emotions, personality that is unique, and action that introduces a call for patriotism. These parts of the hero effectively promoted and fulfilled its role in the romanticism movement.
“The Last Mohicans” is an essential novel for scholars to study since its concept and story provides useful lessons that are timelessly applicable. It highlights social awareness, literature skill realizations, and cultural values. It serves as an example of romanticism with its setting and characters. It shows the movement’s influence in its story. Scholars can see that the romanticism movement is also major part of modern society since it molded literature. Scholars can realize that American classics are studies that should be continued to gain more insights on culture and history.

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