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December 4, 2020

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Review of
Many writing websites create vast experiences for clients of writing. But only a few are ready to make changes that are needed to deliver on the initial promise. In most cases, the site designers never realize the impacts of bad customer experience when visiting the website. However, come to to gain the new experiences you have never imagined. This site indeed is a revolution of experience with an advance lead on every activity that a customer requires designed for the best look.
Site Design
The home page of is simple with the huge amount of information artistically divided into different click on icons to reveal detailed portions that suit a client. The home page has layouts, navigational icons which simplify its usability. At the top left of the website, the page is the name of the site which is artistically designed with a welcoming note followed by the website theme designs.
One of the strengths of the site is its usage of images for most posts including the banner that informs the client about popular entries with bright colors that catch the readers’ attention and gives the reader a clue of what the site is about.  The consistency is unifying the different elements of the design. incorporates the tones on the background bar, the certain text areas, highlight bars, different fonts and cohesive color scheme. On the same note, it reveals option icons that home, live chat, order now,  writer category, contact us, about us, give ratings on scores, backlinks, visitors, accessibility, performance and security among others.  There is a web sign up a section for the affiliate link that reveals high numbers of subscribers with feedback information about the site and its importance.
Site Support Team
The support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can chat with the clients upon client’s requests. The communication channels available include phone calls, emails, and live chats. At any moment a customer places an order, he can chat with the writer hence the client has an opportunity to provide detailed instructions about the paper outline that is required as well as the suitable format that suits the expectation. Furthermore, the chatting process provides the client with an opportunity to build a rapport with the writer to enhance loyalty. On a separate note, the professional support team can automatically be assigned to paper, so there is no worry since this professional holds bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctoral degree. Thus, a client is guaranteed a complete work that is delivered timely with no plagiarism cases as well as free from grammatical errors. The academic papers are derived from scratch based on the provided instructions coupled with the thorough double check using the plagiarism detectors.
The support teams usually do not the work after delivery hence the client has the full academic authorship. Therefore, the client is free to use the complete paper at his or her discretion and should not worry of upload in different sites or databases or appear on separate websites without their authorities.  Furthermore, the support team never discloses the clients’ information to third parties and other writers. The payments are typically processed through a secured gateway hence never receives or keeps details on billing.
The has a pricing strategy that is based on a rate per page.  Each page contains an approximate 275 words. The rates per page offered to depend on the academic level, the type of paper that the client requires and the time of delivery. The papers that are supposed to be delivered on the shortest time frames are charged higher than those with longer time requests for delivery.
Besides, complex papers and essays that are requested within a limited time frame are charged separately. However, rates charged by this company are normally on average for the industry but not counted on the lower side of the rest within the industry. The papers provided normally have a title page, formatting, bibliography and reference lists as well as revisions for free which lead to more savings. Besides, discounts are normally provided to loyal customers.  The prices for high school assignments start at $ 10 per page while college assignments start at $ 14 per page. The university assignments are charged at least $ 16 per page with master’s papers starting at $ 22 per page. However, the Ph.D. papers are charged at $ 29 per page onwards.
SMM Activities
The SMM activities on reveal information to the clients.  The clients have 24/7 access to the media platform used by the site ranging from Twitter to Facebook, YouTube to blog. Facebook and Twitter constitute of high school and college clients with minimal University students accessing the services. However, the majority of the customer such as the University students, masters’ students and Ph.D. students use the site’s blog for quick assistance. The communication in the site is a two-way traffic since customers have the real-time information with instant feedback which increased their expectations. However, the longest delays, especially on customer reply, may take at most 1 day in extreme cases.
Irrespective of such, has been able to offers array of services that are advertised on SMM platform.  The SMM services are for academics purposes hence such activities include custom essay writing services with free samples that help customers choose the best writers. Furthermore, it helps the customers gauge the quality of the papers offered (Superbpapers, 2016). Secondly, the site gives term paper writing, thesis writing that is catchy, and dissertations that help students succeed in their academic sessions as well as research papers.  Other services include speech presentations for high school students, college students, and University students. This does not mean that the Ph.D. students are left out since they can also take advantage of these opportunities. All these services are provided irrespective of the academic disciplines that students may request.
Availability of Contact Information provides 24-hour customer support center through live chat or short message support for new clients, for request quote and existing clients.  The site offers categories for new clients, sections for a quote and additional information and section for the usual clients. The new customers are provided with a section to fill in their names, emails, phone numbers, question types and details and a browse section for attachment of files for uploading before submission. On a spate note, the get your paper and quote options besides having the above has an additional link for a selection of desired product consultancy, country, and details. Lastly, the usual clients are provided with additional sections for order reference numbers and alternative emails. Therefore, all the customers can successfully engage with the support team to ensure that their expectations are met accordingly.

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