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December 4, 2020

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Review of
Academic writing is big industry attracting different kinds of people. Currently, several sites are competing for the same students in various learning institutions, from high school to universities. Essayshark is one of the writing sites competing in the writing industry. Different sites are fighting to get an advantage over the other by properly designing their sites, having a moderated pricing policy, excellent customer care, reliable contact information and being active in social media market. The students are interested in the quality of work and customer care services in different sites.
Design and User Experience
Essayshark web page is designed with various plain colors. On getting to the site different colors in different sections in the web-page attracts students, the change of colors also draws the attention of the students to take note of every detail on the site.  The shack moving on the site also attracts students; some are even hoping to see the shark jump above the level designed for it. With all the attention and focus of the students on the site, the students can make informed decisions about submitting their orders. The opening remark of having your paper written by a professional writer plays a significant role in students’ decision making. The students, therefore, know that there is quality in the site. The site gives good reasons why it is best to work for the student. Not every student knows what they want if they are convinced they fall to any writing service company. Convincing students that Essayshark site is the best gives Essayshark site an advantage over other writing companies.
Most of the icons appear to brighten in the presence of a cursor. A student may be tired and wants a quick service without spending much energy; the brightening helps the students get the icon they want quickly without much reading. Place your order button, appears at an appropriate place. Before a student places an order, they need enough information to the site, how it works, and the services they provide. On reaching the order button in Essayshark site, the students have enough information and hence can order with confidence.
On the web page, there is the section of testimonies by students who have been served by the Essayshark writing site. There are recent and old assertions, symbolizing that this site has established itself in the writing industry. Students feel confident of the quality of work they will get from the site by reading the testimonies.
Writers Choice
In the site students have opinions, they can choose who does their job. From the wide variety of writers available on the site, students can choose based on the writer’s academic qualification who handles their orders. Having a choice of who handles your academic work gives you confidence and trust in the work done for you. From the many existing writing sites, as per my knowledge, it’s only Essayshark site that gives the student the right to choose.
The site contains a lot of theories or reading to be done. By submitting a paper to be done by a writing site means the student has no enough time. Therefore pressing the student to read every detail before submitting an order may be discouraging. Once discouraged a student may opt for a competitor in the writing industry.
The contact information is available to both the website writers and the client, students. The contact information is an email address without phone numbers. Lack of phone numbers is not an issue to the site since it is established in social media platform. The use of email address by the site is significant as it shows that each query of clients is taken with the seriousness it deserves. Lack of phone numbers also discourages jokers who only want to speak to the customer care without any good reason.
The site support team is available throughout the day, 24 hours. The team responds to general queries of the students and provides basic direction about service provision. The team also provides students with updates concerning their orders. The importance of having a progress update on a student’s work is that it keeps the student calm and hence believes in the quality of service.  The 24-hour support team makes Essayshark a competitor in the writing industry.
The website of Essayshark writers is not having a price tag on the work to be done. The only thing appearing about money on the site is the payment of completed parts of students’ works. Lack of pricing on the first instant one opens the site shows that Essayshark is prioritizing on the student and their work. Putting much interest in your client and their work makes you serve them better than others offering the same service. Students get persuaded that they are important to the site owners. Another thing about pricing is the payment modes that are at the bottom of the webpage; this helps students choose the right payment method that best suits the students.
Social Media
Essayshark site uses social media marketing activity. From the website, it shows that the site is active on Facebook, Google, and Twitter. The site also has an app that can be downloaded from Google Store.  The existence of Essayshark site on social media platform is a strategically measure to capture most students. Most students have social media accounts, and through their friends, they can get to know Essayshark site. Most students use smartphones and can down the Essayshark application on their phones. Once students have downloaded the app, they can access the services from anywhere. Social media aspect of Essayshark gives it an advantage over other writing sites.
In general, the Essayshark site is having an appropriate and attractive website design and also values the students. The site know the edge group they are dealing with and hence the social media aspect. The theories on the site can be hidden under one icon to decongest the site. The value they are giving students and the student’s work is essential if they have to beat their competitors in the writing industry.

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