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December 4, 2020

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Website Review of
Essay pro is a website of a company that helps scholars in writing their essays. The website is an ecommerce site, and like any other e-commerce site, there are two factors that drive it to be successful. These factors are the number of visitors to the site and the number of these customers that are eventually converted into customers. The effectiveness of any e-commerce site will, therefore, depend on these two factors. The effectiveness encompasses the design, the support team, the prices, the social media marketing activities and the contact information.
Going through the web logs of, it communicates its success in converting visitors into customers as well as attracting visitors. The site’s initial indications are good generally. Its design in overall is excellent; it addresses the most common questions that users have, concerning online purchasing. The problems regarding usability are minimal.
Regarding visitor conversions, essaypro has a good design. It is simple, clean and it enables users to make an order in very few simple steps. The steps are submitting the order, picking the writer then downloading the paper after which the payments are done to the respective writer. The site has a strong visual identity. The branding is well done. The name of the site, the introduction and the use of imagery are all provided on the first page. This gives the visitor an overview of what the site is all about. The other good thing is giving the user the freedom to calculate their prices, and it is all indicated on the first page.
Design and User Experience
The design is appealing, professional and eye-catching. The choice of colors is superb. The black, blue and gray colors on the banner blend perfectly thus leaving the user with the first impression that leaves them glued to the page. The fonts are okay especially the size and the color. The black fonts on the white background and the white fonts on the black background make the text visible. The suggestion is that if they could have tried using Ariel fonts, they could have blended well with the colors since they are round fonts. The incorporation of other colors, blue and yellow minimally makes the work just look good. The graphics used are minimal which is a good component of a good website, and the choice of images communicate the message. However, the images are of poor quality since they lack clarity.
The content is short and well organized which speaks to the customers directly. This makes it easy for customers to navigate. The pages are fast-loading. The menu should be considered to be placed on the first page such that the user can just click on the information they are looking for right from the first page. This will lead to minimal scrolls. The screen resolution is just good, however. The long text links and the back links make the user avoid feeling lost which increases the site usability.
The site support team consists of the best, highly qualified professional writers. Quoting from the site, “We employ the best professional writers on the market. Their rating is based on customer reviews and rates. Each essay writer will produce the original high-quality paper on any topic even with the tightest deadline.” These writers’ profiles are detailed, and the users can view their rates, their reviews, the completion rates and the number of completed papers. Some of these top writers have been displayed on the site. Some of them are Joe Baker, Miss Gracie, and Dr. Judy just to name a few. The customer service has not been provided, and thus this should be one of the things that need to be addressed. They should include the customer service representatives and how they can be contacted. The users should be ascertained that all their questions and concerns will be addressed by the customer representatives and how fast the response will take and by what means.
The minimum price of making an order is $12. It was a good approach to show the users how they can calculate the prices themselves. This gives them an assurance that they are not being overcharged or undercharged. This freedom of choice makes the site effective. The other thing that makes the site effective is that the payments are done after the delivery of the work. What the client has to do is to make an order, choose the writer and after the work is done, they download it then make the payments. Another freedom comes in here; the customers choose who to write the essay for them. They can always make the perfect choice since the profiles of these writers are available on the site. This is superb! The payments can be done through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. This information is all provided on the bottom page.
Social Media
The site is engaged in the social media marketing activities. It has a page on Facebook from which the students and their fans can reach them. A sample of customer reviews has also been provided which shows that they are doing well on social media. The use of Facebook especially helps them to widen their market as most of their target market is students who have loaded Facebook. Through Google and Youtube, any visitor can also find them. The site has been provided on these social media services. They can also be followed on Twitter.
The contact information has not been provided or fully described, but they mention that customers can chat live with the writers. This is a good a thing. They also say that they can be followed on Twitter, Facebook, and Google but the contacts like the phone contacts should have been provided.
From the reviews of the customers, it is clear and evident that the site has been successful in converting visitors into customers. The number of followers and likes on Twitter and Facebook also indicate that the site has been successful in attracting visitors. In a nutshell, despite the few shortcomings, the site is effective.

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