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December 4, 2020

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Review of
Every sector in real life deserves reviews for improvements. From the reviews of an organization, the stakeholders can make the right choices to improve their performance and have a broad client base. The changes made should focus on the customer’s satisfaction and the public outlook of the company. Writing has created a big industry to investors. The writing in this article refers to academic writing. Academic writing includes thesis, term paper, essays, speech dissertations, etc. Some students feel lazy to do the academic writing work; this has been seen as a business opportunity by some investors. Investors have created various writing sites to help students do their academic writings. Essay Lab is one of the created writing sites available to the students. Essay Lab as one of the writing sites has to compete favorably in the widening writing industry. The web page design, pricing policy, customer care, social media marketing and contact information of a writing company must meet high standards for a writing company to compete effectively in the writing industry.
In a market competition, customers’ imaginations need to be captured. The name of Essay Lab writing site is good for attracting the students. The students on seeing the name will start thinking of competent writers who can handle their work with a lot of insight. The name of the site brings out the sense of quality. Writing is about the quality of the written work, and therefore the name will attract students who judge by the site’s name. The name of this site gives it a competitive advantage in the writing industry. However, the design of Essay Lab web page is not appealing to the students. The site web page is congested with too much information; there is a lot of theory on the site. Academic quality is not about the number of words on the webpage but the work output.  This too much information is scary and in the long run becomes a disadvantage to the writing company.
The working process in a writing site is essential to the students. Students need to know what happens to their order once submitted. The knowledge of the working process gives student confidence in the process because they are bound to know when to expect their work done. In the Essay Lab site, the designer of the page has placed the working process in place not visible on the first sight. A student has to scrutinize the web page to see the working process in its hidden place; this is a disadvantage to this company.
Every person needs to know the competency of a writing company before submitting an order. Testimonials and number of years of existence of a writing group should be given emphasis on a writing site. The testimonials section in Essay Lab site appears on the taskbar, the student visiting the site must click it to see what it contains. The testimonials need to be placed on the first page of the Essay Lab site. Putting testimonials on any other page of the site is dangerous as only a few students will open it; most students might not get the opportunity to know what Essay Lab site customer says. Essay Lab site has no free samples on display, without sample papers, students will not have an idea of how the company handles academic writing. Putting testimonials in other pages apart from the first page and lack of sample papers is a disadvantage to Essay Lab website design.
The students need to be convinced about the quality of services a writing site is offering. Essay Lab site has around the clock support team. The team gives students details of how the site does its writing work. Students can also inquire about the progress of their orders. By knowing the progress of their orders, students gain confidence in the company. The support team is a major component of a writing company if it has to compete in the writing industry.
Pricing policy of a company helps the company stay in an industry. In the writing industry, there are several writing companies. The pricing of a particular company will help it compete favorably in the industry. The pricing of Essay Lab site is relatively high compared to other upcoming writing sites. On opening the site the first thing one sees is ‘starting at just $16.50’, this is not working for the company because it doesn’t show the criteria used to arrive at the starting price. Free services like title page, outline, plagiarism report, revisions and email delivery is a plus to the company. The free services make the student feel that they are buying a service at a lower cost. The low-cost thinking enhances the competition ability of Essay Lab in the writing industry.
Social Media
As a growing industry, marketing is essential to its growth. The marketing strategy should focus on the age of the clients. Most students are young and technologically complaint. Students are all over social media platform, and the only way to reach a large number is by having a social media account. Essay Lab site is not embracing social media in its marketing. As a growing writing site, lack of social media makes it lose the competition war to its competitors.
Consultation with customers is vital to satisfying a client. Consultations can be done by either the customer calling the company customer care or the company calling the customer. Essay Lab site has a phone number which the customers can use to contact the company. Contacting the company is important in case there are changes to be made in the submitted order. The contact number helps the writing company keep its original customers since they can always talk to them and hear the client’s complaints. The contact number helps Essay Lab site competes in the writing industry.
Essay Lab writing site is an average writing site. The site designers need to implement several changes in the site; these include decongesting the site and putting testimonials on the first page of the site. Decongestion of the site can be done by use of simple but illustrative diagrams. The pricing policy of the site needs to be reviewed and necessary changes made. These changes will see Essay Lab writing site compete well in the writing industry.

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