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December 4, 2020

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Review of
Writing industry is a huge industry attracting investors in the entire world. The enormous investment has seen several writing sites created. One of the writing sites in the writing industry is Darwin Essay. Writing is an industry facing a lot of competition from the rivals, other writing companies.  To compete favorably in the industry a writing company needs to invest more in the creativity to improve services offered to clients, in this case the students. The students include high school students and university students. Writing companies must focus on satisfying the students and by extension the students’ professors. The students expect quality regarding the academic writing services offered to them, the better the quality; the more favorable a writing site will be to the students. Writing sites have tried pleasing the students by how their site is designed, prices, using social media marketing strategy and by employing best support teams.
Darwin Essay webpage is designed in plain colors and having a simple but illustrative design. Every detail required by students is visible and capturing. A customer must not be bombarded with a lot of information on the first encounter; Darwin essay site is sparsely populated with words making the students have an interest in the site. Too much information can be discouraging because a student only opts for a writing service due to lack of enough time. Also, quality of the academic writing needed by the students is never portrayed on too much theory on a site. The simplicity of the site plays a greater role in having a competing edge over other writing sites.
Students or any person know the quality of work a writing site delivers from testimonies of previously served students and the number of years of existence of a writing site. In the Darwin essay web page, the designer has taken testimonials seriously and placed it in a visible area. The visibility of testimonies is an indication of how the writing site values feedback from their customers. The profile of the testimonials to some extent gives students the picture of quality on the site hence students will willingly put their orders. The way testimonials are handled on this site is encouraging to students and makes Darwin Essay site have an advantage over its competitors.
Education is viewed as an essential surviving commodity in the current world. The quality of grades is one of the factors that determine how qualified an individual is to a given work. On opening the sight, the first capturing phrases are ‘Professional writers on board’ and ‘making you a successful student. These are determining sentences for students in choosing writing company to do their academic writing work. The students immediately start imagining of good grades just from the two phrases. Everyone understands that good grade in one course can boost the overall grade of a student. Therefore once a student starts imagining of good grades they automatically submit their orders. To strengthen the phrases the site has writers with high academic achievements, all the shown writers on the site are Ph.D. holders on their respective fields. The level of academic qualification of the writers indicates that students will always get quality work. The two phrases and the presence of quality writers on the Darwin Essay webpage is a plus to Darwin Essay in the competitive writing industry.
Writing Process
Students need to know how their work will be handled and at least have an idea of how the work will be done. From the site, the working process is illustrated, but the disadvantage is that the site chooses who do the work. Students get worried by not knowing who is handling their work; this can push them to other writing sites. There are no sample papers on the site; this will deny the students opportunity of knowing the kind of work they expect to get from the writing company. The combination of lack of choices by the student and sample papers is a disadvantage to this site.
It’s always wise to make a decision if you have enough information. Darwin Essay site has enough information and the support team is available 24-hours to give more relevant information about their services. The support team makes students feel honored and their work respected. The students also get the opportunity to know who exactly is handling their work. The 24-hour support team puts Darwin Essay site in the right place to compete in the growing writing industry.
Prices determine who offers students writing services. Darwin Essay site has average prices affordable by most students, the rates depend on the urgency of the order and the academic level of the students, with the most important order and high academic levels receiving high charges. There is a special offer for clients from particular countries; this offer could be discounts and anything else that can be disclosed by the support team. On first order, there is a 10% discount on the writing service. Discounts and offers attract students since they know they will get similar services from other sites at a reduced cost. Other free services like revision, referencing, plagiarism check, formatting and title page attracts students and very soon the writing site will have a broad customer base.
Social Media
How a product is marketed to its target group determines its success in the market. In the writing industry, the target is the young with all sorts of communication devices, including smartphones, desktops, and laptops. All these devices have access to social media platforms. Most students have social media accounts and broad base of friends on the social media platforms. Darwin Essay site has a Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts. Darwin Essay also has an application that can be downloaded and used by the students to access the writing services. The social media accounts and the app make Darwin Essay site a favorite for the students, hence making the site have a competitive advantage over other writing sites.
Communication is essential to the success of a wide customer base business. Darwin Essay site can be reached both by the phone and email. The phone number and the emails is a good alternative to students who detest chatting in the social media. The phone and the email contact also widens Darwin Essay site customer base.
Darwin Essay website is designed appropriately. The sample papers should be included on the site and students are also given a choice of who to handle their work. Darwin Essay is a fast growing writing site and is capable of competing successfully in the writing industry if these suggested changes are implemented.

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