Q&A On “The Raven”

December 4, 2020

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10 Question on “The Raven”
How does Raven reflect the era it was created?
Raven associated all this to the year of romantics back in 1845, but all this had happened back in 1700 and mid-1800s.At this time romance was solely on the way love matters were held at that point. These people did not believe that love was focusing on purely love. Romantic love was known but not approved in the society by those years.   True love was always approving back in the years, and this could give birth to a family.
What are the common themes in the novel?
There are two common themes in the book which are deep universal love and loss which is unimaginable. There is also the theme of grief where one lover experiences the loss of a loved one. The partner faces a lot of grief trying to recover from the loss and at the same time healing from the pain of loss. The pain of loss leaves a big gap in the family and friends as well. There is a need for the family to take I positively to adjust to the normal.
How do the lovers express their love?
Romeo and Juliet are deep in love but not able to express it in the way other people are doing it. The two are said to be dark brooding pieces. The two lovers have made a decision to stick to each other through thick and thin. There used. These lovers used the theme of pain where some of the participants suffer the loss. Romeo and Juliet, on the other hand, expressed love through their actions and public expressions. The love was sure though challenging
What is one of the most memorable things about Poet?
Raven has the behavior of repeating the word nevermore in every word that he makes. It becomes his habit, and the narrator comes to the point of thinking that Ravens says that he will never leave at any one time. The narrator also gets to the point of thinking that it’s the only word the poet knows.
What is unique about the bet word?
The seeker gets to the point of promising the bird that Lenore will is seen in the next world. The reply was “Nevermore” where he respond the question and gets the very same answer. The writer at the end makes a conclusion that they will be happy at the end. The poets have in mind after death there is the next world.
Where is suspense in the story?
Raven is in the mood of grieve and Lenore at this time is getting even deeper. Sympathy has heated them at the unexpected time.  Suspense is used by the poet to express their relief over the incident. The poet at this period uses dialogue, poems, and stanzas to help in convincing the message and at the same time describing their thoughts. There is suspense if the lover is dead or still alive. The uncertainty puts the partner on grief if he meets her again. There is also the suspense how Raven will behave after learning about the death of a close person.
Explain the theme of grief.
Edgar Allan demonstrates so much. There is so much of negativity and depression in the place compared o other locations. The loss of a close person especially to the poet has led to a significant loss of his life. The theme of grief is well shown where everyone laments over the uncertain death.  Pain mostly affects the mind and the person concerned is always restless trying to seek peace but to no avail. The theme of grief is well seen when the poems spend so much time lamenting about his lost lover. Pain forms a deep wound that cannot heal quickly within a person.
What does the word “Dirges of hope” mean?
Dirges of hope symbolize that there is a time that is left at home suffering from grief and lamentation and at the same time give hope to those who have abandoned by their loved ones, mostly dirges are sung to express pain and loneliness in the gap of the loss. Elegies show the isolation and the aspect of not meeting any soon in the current world.
What is the major conflict with Ravens?
The major conflict in the Ravens is based on the inner conflict. There is a lot of struggle of the narrator against the sorrow of his dear loved ones.  There is also much sadness, caused by the memories of the deceased. The idea of losing his girlfriend makes him always to fight Raven, but Raven instead pushes him further to the end the fight with himself.
What is the major conflict in the story?
The narrator mind is the most affected due to the unexpected loss. The loss even leads the narrator to a blink on insanity due to disbelief. What the narrator is struggling is struggling with him.

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