Psychology Dissertation Topics List

December 4, 2020

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20 possible topics for dissertation on psychology
The field of psychology covers many areas like:
environmental psychology,
development psychology,
clinical psychology,
human psychology,
forensic psychology,
psychology and law.
There are many existing theories, principles and assumptions that can form good dissertation topics in psychology, students  has a variety of fields to choose from depending on her field of interest.
A psychology dissertation task contributes to the original knowledge, dissertation topics are base on previous, documented research studies to present a better understanding of the topic.  Dissertation topics need to interesting topic that attempt to support or confirm the research hypothesis. Coming up with a good dissertation topic can be challenging for students, below is a list of possible dissertation topics on psychology. The first step in searching for a good dissertation topic on psychology is to dedicate some time and research for a topic one is familiar with.
Below are some of psychology dissertation topics:
Describe the main perspective  of  James-Lange emotion Theory and how the theory can be applied to minimize anxiety disorders
How do counselor –client therapeutic relationship present the unequal balance of power during sessions. Discuss of impact of such therapeutic relationship on clients.
Assessing the impact of curfew among teenagers in addressing premarital sex and juvenile delinquency
How Vygotsky’s theories on child development are based on his cultural background and how can they be applied to the modern society.
How conflict over food during childhood can generate problematic  attitudes and negative perception about food in adolescence
Can human mental capabilities be described by the general learning processes based on language learning or through a dedicated learning process
To what extent can cognitive development act as a alternative process to understand  human brain development
Apart from medication, how can phobia be treated by cognitive therapies or other behavioral techniques or using psycho-therapeutic strategies.
Can computerized aided behavioral therapy sessions become a better substitute for cognitive behavior therapy conducted by a trained therapist.
Describe the major changes in cognitive development process and describe one type of learning process that has a lasting impact on children during this process.
How can the natural factors and the levels of communication affect the relationship between caregivers and children result to successful learning outcomes for children
How individual perception and levels of understanding social stigma affect stigmatized individual‘s coping strategies.
Describe the impact of diets and depression and analyze the role of  Mediterranean diets and its effects in minimizing risk of depression among teenagers
Are people with learning difficulties less likely or more likely to experience phobia compared to normal individuals.
How can Yoga practices and meditation are effectively used to treat behavior-related disorders.
How can the length of therapy determine the patients treatment outcomes  for cognitive behavioral therapy
What is the impact of social network sites and how does it affect individual self esteem especially among teenagers
Describe various strategies that can help children with anxiety disorders improve on their learning process
What is the impact and perception  of father figures  and the role of masculine authority   among children  raised by single mothers
Analyze some contributory factors of autism and social behaviors used to justify this syndrome.

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