Merits And Demerits Of Internet (Essay/Paper Sample)

December 4, 2020

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Merits and demerits of internet
The contemporary life has been accentuated by the immense contributions of the most famous and innovative creation of the 21st century in technology, the internet. The internet has contributed to various sectors by facilitating fast and timely communication, improved access to information, facilitated learning, entertainment, and business. However, with its numerous benefits, various disadvantages have occasioned, making it both a blessing and a challenge as discussed below.
The internet has promoted communication. It has done so by allowing individuals to communicate with others located in various parts of the world. Communication avenues such as emails, video chats, and social media platforms, have made it possible for one to communicate with others from the comfort of their homes and increased the speed of receiving messages. Consequently, due to the many internet-enabled modes of communication, more people in the world can communicate efficiently.
The internet is a source of information. It has brought together information from various sources, experts, websites, books, and journals on one platform making it effortless for anyone to find information about different topics such as law, business, religion, and technology among others. The internet utilizes search engines such as Google and Yahoo that customize searches and provide relevant information for one’s perusal. Additionally, platforms such as YouTube also provide different kinds of information in video form that entertains, informs and educate. Moreover, the Internet offers options where people can contribute and discuss the information they are searching.
The internet facilitates learning. Its incorporation in school systems is in various ways. First, by supporting distant and online learning whereby a teacher uploads course materials, videos, and exams through the internet and students in different parts of the world access them. Secondly, it facilitates the efficient and convenient running of institutions. Through the web, students register for courses, pay school fees, hand in their assignments and check their results online. Thirdly, it supports education by influencing students’ research. Through the Internet, students can gather information and prepare their assignments and projects.
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The internet has heightened loss of information. With the ease in access numerous sources of information, the internet causes its loss through hacking and virus attacks. Criminals gain access to one’s information by breaching the security parameters applied on people’s computer and accessing information such as passwords, bank information, emails and private information. Also, it facilitates data loss through the introduction of malicious software (malware) on one’s computer or phone, which might result in a system crash.
The internet has led to the loss of touch with the real world due to concentration on the virtual one. People have become more dependent on the internet for communication, shopping, entertainment and learning. Thus, people fail to engage in face-to-face communications with family, friends, and colleagues. Consequently, it destroys their emotional connections and interactions, heighten their chances of developing depression and becoming isolated. The presence of avenues of entertainment such as games causes children to shun away from outdoor activities consequencing antisocial behavior.
The internet has created anonymity that ruins morals. It has brought people together to similar platforms, and since it does not require honesty for one to use it, particularly in social media platforms, people connect, communicate and become friends with virtual strangers who misrepresent themselves. Consequently, the aspect of anonymity empowers some individuals to stalk on others, commit crimes, bully and swindle others thereby destroying morals.
The internet brings numerous benefits to people’s lives. It promotes communication, eases access to information and education. However, its demerits make it a danger to the society. Insecurity of information, autonomy, and loss of touch with the virtual world makes it a challenge to families and teacher especially when exposed to children. Nevertheless, with caution and regulations applied to its uses, people can reap the benefits with confidence.

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