Informal Conversation Between Two Friends (Example)

December 4, 2020

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Informal conversation between two friends
Jane and Wendy are good friends and are having a conversation about their weekend plans. The two are planning how to spend their weekend and debating how best to go about it. Below is a conversation about their weekend plan
Jane:  So, Wendy, what are you planning to do over the weekend?
Wendy: I have no idea do you want us to get together or something
Jane: do you think we can see a movie at the Carson Boulevard there is a new movie
Wendy: I think that would be a good idea, but I thought we could eat beforehand
Jane: that would be fine with me which place do you have in mind
Wendy: let’s meet at my favorite restaurant at Summer House I have not gone there for a long time
Jane: I hear the place is offering discounts for their new pizza; I love the place because it offers the best food in town.
Wendy: when is the best time to meet?
Jane:  the movie starts at 2.30.m. followed by the second show at 4.30p.m
Wendy: why don’t we meet at noon to eat before going to the 2.0p.m show?
Jane:  I forgot to inform you that my cousin Mike around can I tag him along, I hate leaving him at home alone. He came visiting yesterday and he is preparing for his teaching career.
Wendy: Mike is around; I remember meeting him at Sarah’s high school graduation party some three years back. He was the one playing the piano right?
Jane: he is all grown now he is slender and about your height.
Wendy: it would be nice to see him again after a long time, yes, do bring him along him will add fun to our weekend plan.
Jane: Mike graduated last month he is on vacation; he will start his teaching career next week in a nearby school
Wendy:  what grade is he going to teach?
Jane: he will teach the lower grade, he loves working with children; he always has such a good rapport working with them
Wendy: he must be a very patient person, I always know children to be disruptive and difficult to teach. Most children do not like going to school. Teachers have to motivate them to stay in school the whole day.
Jane: I know Mike will do fine in his new career, he knows how to handle my younger siblings better than me.
Wendy: I am sure the kids will look forward to going to school when mike starts teaching
Jane: I remember my young brother always coming home with neat stuff made by the teacher to encourage them to like school
Wendy: maybe we can ask mike to show us some tricks on how to handle children, my sisters are always disturbing me, and I do not know how to handle them. I could learn from Mike how to work with young children and making fun things that I can use during Halloween.
Jane: maybe we need to stop by the first shop after going to the movie, is that a good idea
Wendy:  Yes, why not I like the idea it will help me with other school projects
Jane: Mike is good with making handmade items he very creative
Wendy: the craft shop is not far from the Cinema area, it is just somewhere around the corner it a walking distance.
Jane: Yes, I remember  the shop
Wendy: let’s meet at noon on Saturday at the summer house
Jane: I can wait for the weekend to start.

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