If I Were A Fairy (Essay Sample)

December 4, 2020

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If I were a fairy
If I were a fairy, I would be the epitome of magical and adventurous. I would use my fairy powers to fly around the world and discover the beautiful places of each nook and cranny hidden in the deep rivers and valleys. If I were a fairy, I would want to be in tune with the harmony of nature and create with it the music to sustain and nurture all life. To be a fairy is not an easy thing as it would come with the added responsibility of taking care of the creatures of the earth. Fairies are guardians and keepers of nature and if I were one, I would do my best to preserve the wonderful creations of the world.
Fairies are magical beings that have been present and described in many folklore around the world. However, no credible and scientifically approved evidence such as fossils or other physical had ever been found to prove the existence of fairies. For me, I still believe that fairies are real but they do exist on another plane of existence and reality. I think that they belong to a higher frequency dimension and their consciousness are much more advanced than the human race. If I were a fairy, I would use these abilities in creating a better world for all life to flourish. I would influence how the fate and the flow of inter tangled time in order to create a better future.
If I were a fairy, I would dedicate a poem to my cause and my being. It would go like:
If I were a fairy, I would have wings of gold,
I would grant sweet dreams to people, young and old.
I would blow my gold powder upon their faces,
And use my magic on granting their wishes.
As people slumber and snore through the night,
I, the fairy, zooms shining in light,
Bringing their souls to a rest deep and insight,
So that they may venture and do what is right.
If I were a fairy, I would bring happiness to the world,
I would bring joy and colour to the people’s fates that are swirled.
I would bring love and wisdom from my fairy dimension
So that the people will strive for unity and cooperation.
To exist as a magical being means that I would also have control of the elements. I would use these abilities to help heal and nurture those that are damaged and hurt. I would share to them my light and my heart and I would pray for each creature’s bliss and well-being. I would expand my knowledge of the true meaning of life and I would persevere hard in educating others about the truth of our being Divine. Fairies have unlocked the secrets and the ancient science of magic and other human beings have transcended their human forms and have become fairies and ascended masters themselves. To be fairy is a privilege and a challenge for me as it will continually put me into situations that would adhere to my highest expansion. To be a fairy is something that I have always ever dreamed of and being it would mean a lot to me.
If I were a fairy, I would have the freedom to explore beyond the physical dimensions of our existence. I would be able to venture into the astral and dream dimensions and I would meet a lot of my friends there. I know that other fairies are always hard at work in giving people just the right nudge and inspiration to become the best version of ourselves. In doing so, fairies create a brighter, more-loving, and kinder universe. In the end, I think that the universe is full of other wonderful beings other than just fairies.
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