How To Write Persuasive Essay About Love

December 4, 2020

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How to write Persuasive essay about Love (Writing Guide)
How to start a persuasive essay about love
Essay writing is a process that takes into consideration a number of aspects unique to the process. To write an essay, author needs to arrange the paper into three key sections: introduction, body, and conclusion. There are different types of love such as love for friends, family members, neighbors, and fiancées among others. To write an effective essay about love, one has to specify the type of love he or she intends to focus on. For the purposes of clarity, the essay can focus on romantic love between heterosexual couples that is, love for one’s husband/wife, or boyfriend/girlfriend. The thesis of such a paper can touch on the fact that love conquers all. This paper enumerates how to write a persuasive essay about love.
How to write a body of a persuasive essay about love
An essay about love will feature romantic themes and ideas. Thus, the body of the essay will consist of four paragraphs that highlight different ideas regarding romantic love. The first paragraph will touch on examples of people who have been renowned as having expressed and shared deep romantic love with one another. Such examples can take into account the contemporary and classic examples of couples whose love made headlines across the globe. The classic characters of Romeo and Juliet, and the spiritual figure of Samson and his wife Delilah are some noteworthy examples that can be used to paint the image of what love should be made of. Contemporary examples include the entertainment industry’s couples as Jay-Z and Beyonce, politicians ranging from Barack and Michelle Obama, to Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton. The writer can, for instance, elaborate the fact that some of these couples had long-standing issues that almost brought their marriages to an end but the couples still survived due to deep love. An example can be Bill and Hillary Clinton, whose marriage stood the test of the ‘Monica Lewinsky’ scandal and the resultant constant media attention.
The second paragraph will highlight the characteristics that make love to emerge and prosper. For instance, some theorists believe in love at first sight where a person can instantly fall in love with another person within seconds or minutes of their first meeting, even if the two have had no previous interaction. Such love is purely dependent on one person liking the other’s features such as body shape, color of the eyes or hair or any other body party, or other peculiar aspects such as slim or plump body, or even huge behinds! A beautiful smile or perfect walking styles are other remarkable features that make one to fall in love at first sight. However, love at first sight only applies to a countable few. Majority of lovers have known each other for a significant period of time before falling in love, getting engaged, and sometimes, getting married. Most people love someone based on a combination of physical and behavioral aspects. Patience, self-confidence, humility, understanding, sympathy, courage, physical strength and assurance of security, beautiful physical features among others. The list of qualities that individuals base on to select lovers is endless.
In the third paragraph, the writer needs to identify the fact that some lovers find themselves falling in love due to situations, such as individuals working at the same place, or engaged in similar activities or the same line of work such as musicians, engineers, teachers, doctors, among others. Working at the same place several hours a day, or working at close proximities, such individuals spend most of their time interacting closely and fall in love easily. For this reason, politicians will often fall in love with fellow politicians or individuals who have political ambitions and scientists find themselves getting attracted to fellow researchers. People who do not share similar dreams, ambitions, or line of thought will unlikely stay in love for long. Consequently, individuals who fall in love at first sight often end up divorcing or have an unstable love life filled with uncertainty and sorrow.
The fourth paragraph needs to focus on how love is nurtured. The writer can give tips on how one can ensure that after falling in love, they remain that way forever. Tips can include such suggestions as going on regular outings with one’s partner, identifying what the other person likes and then doing it while abstaining from actions or behaviors that they dislike, going on holidays together at least once per year, understanding one’s partner, and helping each other to grow academically, financially, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically.
How to conclude a persuasive essay about love
To conclude a persuasive essay, the author should reiterate the various aspects of love captured in the body of the essay. It is also worth noting that love conquers all. Wholesome people fall in love in the most odd and unlikely situations, love for one another is all they need to establish a marriage and live happily ever after. The writer can reiterate this factor through the saying that has been used time and again since time immemorial, that love is a beautiful thing.
Outline Example
Introduction and thesis statement on heterosexual love
Body – Famous, notable examples of love and lovers
Love at first sight
Features people look for in potential lovers
How to nurture love
Conclusion and summary on love, a beautiful thing

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