How to write Essay About Democracy in Nigeria?

December 4, 2020

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College and university students are often given controversial assignments that are far from easy to accomplish. One of these assignments can be writing a basic essay about democracy in Nigeria. Actually, writing a paper on controversial “bright” topics is not an easy task because there are numerous aspects and facts to explore. At the same time, it is easy to get lost in the information details and focusing on primary facts will help you to accomplish your writing assignment. Otherwise, look for additional help and follow essay basics writing steps that we will gladly offer you to you. We have gathered a team of writers who will write a professional essay for you that will serve you as an example of what your essay should look like in the first place
Writing an Essay About Democracy in Nigeria
It is a common knowledge if you want to solve a problem, first you should identify it. After analyzing the problem and studying all aspects of it, it is necessary to provide appropriate recommendations and possible solutions to the problem. When you write basic essay about democracy in Nigeria, you should take the same approach. Without identifying a problem, there will be no solutions to look for. The main aim of essay about democracy in Nigeria is to examine problems of democracy establishment in this country since 1960 when Nigeria became an independent country from Britain.
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Possible topics to discus in your Essay about Democracy in Nigeria
The Dilemma.
Democracy, Government and Freedom.
Review Democracy in Action.
Democracy: Virtual Representation.
The People and the Democracy in Nigeria.
Democracy Model in Nigeria.
Democracy and its influence on Economy of Nigeria.
Getting to know the Democracy in Nigeria.
The Press and the Democracy in Nigeria.
There is a widespread opinion that the main problem of Nigerian democracy is absence of real charismatic leaders, who can efficiently manage human resources of this country. Mismanagement of the God-given resources in Nigeria resulted in massive unemployment and high level of poverty in the country. Consequently, it led to never-ending tension among people, lack of patriotic feelings and ongoing vandalizing. Political and economic instability influence all the aspects of human well-being in the most negative way.
The essay about democracy in Nigeria aims to find the reasons of democratic problems in the country, providing solutions for already existing problems and preventing prospective threats in the future.
The Reasons of Nigerian Problems with Democracy
Nigerian people do not want to learn from their own history, leading to the repeating of the same problems year after year.
Failure of country leaders and their inefficiency in ruling of the country.
Complexity and heterogeneity of Nigerian population.
Existence of several hundreds of mutually unintelligible languages, spoken in the country, provoking misunderstanding among people and government in general.
How to improve situation with democracy in Nigeria?
Leadership is a key factor in the development of Nigerian democracy and society in general.
Strong leader who will govern the country should be the center of social, economic and political life of Nigeria.
If one compares democracy in Nigeria with a ship, the country leader is the captain. Captain’s determination, commitment and skills bring success to the voyage. The country leader as a ship’s captain should have commitment to result, self-discipline, strong faith and in the success of all his deeds.
Nigerian leader should have courage to take risks, to make challenging decisions that will lead to the development and growth of the country’s economy.
What is worth mentioning in your Essay about Democracy?
One more thing that is obligatory for the development of the country is the belief in democracy. Belief of every society member into success of the country is simply crucial. Even the smallest child should understand that his hands create success of the country. Every person should strive for creation of a better future for his society. Every person should strive for the development of the democracy because democracy supports freedom. Democracy provides equality in high esteem. And these are factors worth to fight for, factors that can be the life goal for people, especially living in Nigeria.
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