How to Write an Essay About Drugs?

December 4, 2020

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There is no need to say that writing an essay is highly responsible task. Besides practicing the research and writing skills, a student also focuses on development of his analytical skills. Keep in mind, one of the most important aspects in essay writing is choosing the right kind of topic for your paper. That’s why students often prefer to choose the provocative topics. The provocative topics can awake readers’ attention and interest, making them think, perform in-depth analysis and shape their own opinion about the given subject.
The most popular essays topics include
Essay about drugs;
Essay about domestic violence;
Essay about the influence of social media;
Essay about tolerance in modern multicultural world.
Let’s take a look at the relevance of the essay about drugs and discuss how to write a successful essay on the subject. Essay about drugs is considered to be extremely popular and, at the same time, it is a challenging topic. On one hand, drugs are one of the most significant discoveries of the humankind. On the other hand, drugs are poison that kill thousands of people every year, brings troubles, problems, issues and hardships to the families of drug addicts and the communities.
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What are Drugs?
The word “drug” does not imply the medication. It is a type of chemical basics that are illegal such as heroin, ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine, etc.
They make a person feel good and high for a little while.
The effect of this kind of drug doesn’t last for a long time.
When it is over, the person is only left with the feelings of emptiness, bitterness, senselessness, meaning a total lack of positive life moments.
In order to return to the condition of self-confidence, joy and happiness, it is necessary to take new drug doze over and over.
That is precisely the moment when the drug addiction starts.
Besides having a lot of illegal drugs on the black market, there are legal drugs that are easy to access.
They are not pills, but they are dangerous as well. They build invisible addiction, making impossible to go without the daily use of these products.
The most widespread official drugs are coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. Great number of people is affected by these “invisible” drugs even though they do not admit the negative influence of using them.
Common Reasons for Drug Addiction
When writing an essay about drugs, do your best to concentrate and list all the reasons of the drug addictions. You can base your writing on such important arguments, including:
Drugs are common. That’s why they are harmless.
Curiosity can kill a cat, but not me. I will only try if once. I will not personally suffer from drug addiction if I take drugs once in a while.
I can give up the drug addiction any time I want.  Now, I should stop restricting myself and live my life without constrains.
I won’t be the one killed by drugs.
Drugs will help me to forget about my problems and become happy and joyous for a little while.
Supportive Essay Facts
Actually, there can be dozens of excuses for people who became drug addicts already, without realizing it. Nevertheless, facts are much louder than words.
Drugs can kill you.
Support your basic arguments against drugs by real facts and actual figures.
For example, you can use recent statistics, which says that every day 137 people die from cocaine use, 93 from marijuana use, 158 from opiates use and 279 from tobacco use. The use of specific numbers will prove and support your point of view.
The last but not the least, what makes the successful essay about drugs is giving a basic solution to a problem. You shouldn’t only show the problem, but you should also offer ways of solving the problem. Think of what can be done in order to prevent the use of drugs, offer your unique or innovative ways of drugs anti-advertisement campaigns, special punishment or special medical treatment programs for existing drug addicts.  It is very good to elaborate your essay with your own ideas as it helps to show that you took the essay writing assignment seriously.

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