How To Write an English Essay?

December 4, 2020

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Writing an English essay is like studying the soul itself. When you write an essay on English, you get the chance to express your feelings in a manner that is logical and comprehensible. An essay on English also gives you the chance to practice your writing skills, and the vocabularies learnt.  English essay writing help you to expand your creativity and communication skills as well.  You can easily develop your writing style by writing a variety of English articles. An English essay writing guide assists writers to produce an article that has meaning and understanding.  The most important aspect of an essay writing is to set aside ample time for writing. Last minute articles tend to be less detailed and inaccurate most of the times.  Plenty of time gives you the chance to create an essay writing draft that will assist you all through the writing process.
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English essay structure

Tips for an English essay writing
Topic choice
Finalizing essay
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1. English essay structure
An English essay outline follows the basic format of the introduction, the body, and the English essay conclusion. This type of English essay outline is popular as it gives emphasis on the most important points and at the same time ensure that the points are well supported and illustrated. The English essay Introduction explains the purpose of the essay as well as the overall points to be discussed. The body of the article supports the topic as well as the points being discussed. The conclusion highlights the points in the body and gives the overall theme of the English essay. The outline for an English essay is as follows:
1.1 Introduction
The introduction for an English essay tries as much as possible to capture the attention of the reader. Starting the essay with an introduction is the most standard way of how to start an English essay. The introduction contains statements that are general as well as the English essay thesis. The thesis is introduced in this section. (A thesis statement is a single sentence or hypothesis that tells the reader what is expected in the article.)Thesis writing for an English essay needs to be clear with meaningful words that elaborate the theme effectively.  The English essay thesis should then be supported by the body of the article.
1.2 The body paragraphs
The body has three to four paragraphs depending on the points and ideas being discussed.  The primary purpose of the body is to offer support to the thesis in the introduction part. The paragraph should start with a topic sentence that introduces the point being elaborated. The content that follows should be in a position of supporting the topic sentence fully.  The point should be illustrated fully before the next paragraph is tackled. The paragraphs should be arranged in a sequence for easy comprehension. Good sequencing gives the reader to feel the flow of the article. Transition words can be used in the article so that the points can have a clear line of thought and understanding.
1.3 Conclusion
A basic way of how to conclude an English essay is by highlighting the points once more. The conclusion gives the writer the chance to include a sense of closure that is satisfying and at the same time relevant to the article. The conclusion also serves the purpose of tying the English essay points and ideas together. The conclusion for an English essay should, therefore, be well summarized and detailed so as to have an effect on the decision of the reader.
2. Tips for an English essay writing
Vagueness is a bad aspect for an English essay as it makes the reader misunderstand what you are trying to put across. Once an article is misinterpreted, then it will lose its effectiveness and intended meaning as well.
A major rule is to ensure that you don’t quote in one paragraph more than two passages.  Ensure that you also make a particular argument so that it can go in line with the English essay.
Choose a topic that is familiar. Topics for an English essay need to be familiar with the writer as one tends to write quickly on something that he/ she knows of.
Proofreading is the part where you go through the English essay that you have put together. This is essential as you get the chance to correct the errors and spelling mistakes. Proofreading also gives you the opportunity to make the work have a polished touch.
Idea development. The content of the article should be detailed and at the same time researched. Ideas and points can be gathered from the library or even the internet. However, if you are you to use references from another person’s work, the quoted content should be referenced accordingly. Work that is not cited and referenced correctly can be considered as plagiarized work. Plagiarism is considered a criminal offense.
3. Topic choice
Finding good English essay topics can at times become challenging. However, there are a few English essay tips that one can follow to ensure he/ she comes up with English essay topics that are good. Make sure that the selected topic for the English essay is something that you have an interest in.  Do a brainstorm. Make a list of topics for an English essay that have come across your mind. Select the most suitable one and let it guide you on how to write an English essay. There are quite a number of good topics for an English essay.
Some of the English essay topics include:
The first time away from home
How to stop drugs
How to practice photography
Religion in schools
The two stages of a person’s life
My favorite athlete
Success without formal education
The act of falling in love
Values and politics
The implications of a divorce
The need for exercise.
Prejudice and racism
The era of environmental technology
Health and dieting.
An excellent English essay is dependent on the topic. Choose a topic that you like and develop your essay from that point. This technique of developing the essay from the topic will the article writing easy and enjoyable.
4. Finalizing the essay
Leave some time to go through the English essay. Revision ensures that the content in the articles is in line with the English essay prompts. English essay outlining gives you guidelines on how to go about with the essay. Reread the article over and over so as to ensure the contents are detailed. You can as well as ask a friend or a colleague to read the English essay. People are different, and this makes it much easier for errors that had not been corrected to be identified easily. Reading an essay on English out loud can also act a good way of revision. The loud reading makes it easy to identify errors that had not been noticed earlier.
5. Examples of an English essay writing
5.1 First example

5.2 Second example

5.3 Third example

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