How To Write A Speech For School Captain

December 4, 2020

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How to write a school captain speech for primary
A school captain is a student leader who inspires his colleagues and helps to bridge the communication gap between students and the administration. As a school captain, you must lead the rest of the school and help them achieve their personal goals. A captain must be ready to correct and organize the students` body to live the values, mission, and vision of their institution. As a captain, communication is very critical. Understanding how to present the students’ issues to the administration requires good communication skills. To inspire action and keep the students` body in control of a healthy communication mechanism in place. Vertical communication with students is typically a common phenomenon, and for efficacy, a good speech is necessary.
The purpose of the provision of school captain requires prime communication skills, and captain`s speeches are critical. Apt writing skills are necessary to achieve the best results. This article, therefore, focuses on some of the key tips a school captain ought to look out for when drafting their speeches. The article also features a speech outline and a sample of a captain’s speech.
Five tips on school captain speech writing
1. Be authoritative
A leader is authoritative and decisive. Being a school captain comes with a responsibility that you have to fulfill. The position of a school captain, therefore, needs an authoritative and decisive person who can guide the school in the right direction without wavering. Such aspects must be reflected in your speech.
2. Keep your message short and clear
Listening to long speeches can be boring. As a captain, you ought to talk more and act less. Therefore, for each speech addressed to the students should be short with minimal explanations.  Long speeches can be boring and less effective than short content-rich speeches. Short speeches truncate the unnecessary details and enhance the understandability of the message.
3. Simple language and illustrations
Simplicity is one of the key requirements a school captain’s speech ought to be. Writing in very technical jargon would be ineffective. This is because the audience is diverse and have different levels of language mastery. Freshmen might not be able to understand technical language used by a finalist school captain, and thus the students in lower academic levels need to understand the message fully.
4. Organize your content in point form
A captain’s speech must be orderly and precise. Organizing each point into its paragraph is a good place to start. If the message is organized in a paragraph, then each paragraph should feature a single point which is well elaborated. For each paragraph, it must have a topic sentence, then few supporting sentences. The supporting sentences must be relevant to the topic sentence. Include an illustration for example, if necessary, at the end of the paragraph.
5. Use active voice in the first person
Since you are the school captain, it is obvious you must write the speech in the first person. It is also wise to use active voice which is more authoritative and powerful to deliver the message. Active voice is more effective to call for an action.
Outline example
The captain`s speech also needs an outline to act as a guiding tool for writing the essay. Outlines ensure the captain sticks to the relevant and important issues he wishes to address in his speech. After outlining them, he can proceed to write a great speech from the outline.
Here below is an example of a captain’s speech outline that can be used to write a speech.
A short recap based on personal observations
Paragraph 1
Point 1
3-4 Support sentences for point 1
Paragraph 2
Point 2
3-4 Support sentences for point 2
Paragraph 3
Point 3
3-4 Support sentences for point 3
A brief summary of the contents of the speech

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