How to write a Short Narrative Essay?

December 4, 2020

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There are 4 essay basics
Narrative essay tells a story from one person’s viewpoint.
Descriptive essay describes characteristics and traits of the topic in detail.
Expository essay provides information about various topics to the essay’s readers.
Argumentative essay convinces the reader by using the demonstration of truth and falsity of the topic.
Narrative essay is a story about something that happened to you that you tell in order to make a point. Your story should be told for a reason for the reader to learn a lesson or gain the insight after or during reading or listening to your short narrative essay.
To write a descriptive essay you need to describe an object, a person or event. You should do this extremely vividly, so that the reader had the feeling of reaching or even touching it by himself. As descriptive and narrative essays have a lot in common, general advice for writing them can come in handy.
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Effective Descriptive and Narrative Essays Tips
Tell a story about something that produced a powerful impression on you. It will help you to tell the story in the interesting way.
Avoid lengthy descriptions and long introductions; it will make the beginning of your narrative boring.
Make certain that your story has a point. Describe in detail what conclusion you have made of your experience and what you have learned.
Use all your senses to describe background information such as characters, setting or even the plot of your story. Write the story in your own words and in your own style. Avoid your story to make an impression of the textbook content.
The narrative essay has its focus on the story plot. Follow these simple writing steps.
Tell the story chronologically.
Share the purpose of the essay in the opening sentence.
If it is possible- use the dialog. It will grasp the reader’s attention.
Use vivid descriptions and sensory details to involve the reader while writing. All these details should relate to the main point, you, as a writer should make.
All these elements are connected and they need to be combined seamlessly. If you are not sure you understood all the narrative essay writing principles, explore short narrative essay examples available on our web-site or use our professional writing services.
Tips for writing a Narrative Essay
Share your emotional and sensory details with the reader.
Use vivid and colorful words to arouse the same feelings you have in the reader.
Pay attention to the story elements supporting the point or statement you made in the first sentence.
Don’t forget to make references to the point made in the introductory sentence.
Make use of the sequence and conflict like it is done almost in every story.
Don’t be afraid to use flashbacks and flash forwards. They will help to build your story to the climax.
Use first person narrator to write a story. If it is necessary, include the third person point of view.
How to make your description vivid?
When you write a narrative essay, avoid simple description of how anything looks like. Add descriptive details such as taste, smell, sound or feeling. It will make your story more vivid and interesting for the reader.
Avoid abstract descriptions, as they will distract the reader from understanding of what you wanted to tell. Successful narrative essays let the readers visualize everything they have read. In order to provide full visualization use as many concrete details as possible. Try to involve the reader in your experience.
When the draft of your narrative essay is ready, it is necessary to revise it. This is the last chance for you to review, reorganize and modify your work with the goal of making it perfect. Pay attention that the ideas presented in your essay and they do not confuse the reader. Make sure that your message was conveyed effectively in the essay. The very last stage is editing and proofreading the essay according to the formatting style of the selected essay type.

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