How To Write A Persuasive Speech On Volunteering

December 4, 2020

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How to write a persuasive speech on volunteering (Tutorial for students)
How to start a persuasive speech on volunteering
To persuade simply means to convince. Therefore, a persuasive speech seeks to persuade or convince the audience to act in a certain way or to adhere to a course of life. When writing such a speech, writers often focus on the positive side of an option while emphasizing the downside of the other options. To volunteer means to spend time providing a service to a person or a group or an organization for free. In essence, it must be a choice and people should never be coerced into taking part in. Interested people often register through volunteer centers and are then asked to assemble at a common place. Convincing people to register for a volunteering exercise can be hard, and some organizations often fail miserably. However, if the report is well structured or if a speech touches on the right issues, people can be moved to action.
Writing a persuasive speech on volunteering can be quite challenging because a writer has to convince people to participate in at times strenuous activities without any payment.
However, by using the following tips, writers can find pefect ways of writing :
Consider the audience’s characteristics before writing the speech. Volunteering work is often recommended for the young people mainly because it adds on to their resumes. Old people can also participate, but these groups get different benefits from the same. Therefore, it is essential to know your audience’s attributes so as to know what to include and what to leave out.
Start by posting a challenge to the audience to strive to improve the community. While persuading, it is important to force the reader to reevaluate their stance on something. Therefore, the writer should keep poking some of the reader’s shared concerns.
Start with your most convincing advantage or argument or thesis statement to move the audience to act. While writing a persuasive speech, it is essential for the writer to outline their strongest points or arguments early. Therefore, writers should include a thesis for their persuasive speech on volunteering in the introduction.
An introduction for a persuasive speech on volunteering must, therefore, show a deep understanding of the audience and also include the strongest argument of the speech.
How to write a body of persuasive speech on volunteering
The body of any essay seeks to support what the writer said or wrote in the introduction. Here, writers mainly focus on improving or providing substantial evidence to move the audience or readership. Each paragraph the writer chooses to include must have an effect on the reader and make it easy for them to consider volunteering. As stated earlier, convincing people to volunteer can be hard, but with the right approach and the right words, writers can move their audience to action.
Below are tips on how to write the body paragraphs:
Begin each paragraph with a clear topic sentence. Topic sentences primarily represent supporting arguments which build on the main argument. These arguments should be clear and outline the exact reasons why the audience should consider volunteering.
The writer must also provide the audience with facts and references. These help to make your speech credible and thus makes it easier for people to choose to follow you in your volunteering agenda.
Be direct and make sure your sentences are unambiguous. All of your points should be clearly stipulated and logically built. Writers should direct their audience and make their points simple and clear.
The writer can also make use of some persuasive techniques such as social validation and repetition. Repetition helps people remember the important points in a speech or an essay. Therefore, writers can make use of it to ensure their audience remembers the main points or in this case the importance of volunteering.
Use an authoritative voice within the speech. In most occasions, writers who use an authoritative tone in their speeches sound believable, and a majority of the audience consider their information reliable. Therefore, it is advisable to employ the same when writing the body paragraphs.
The body paragraphs should help to convince the audience to volunteer or to consider volunteering in the future. By adhering to the above, it will be easier to move the audience to action and get them to register for a volunteering exercise.
How to conclude a persuasive speech on volunteering
After the introduction, the conclusion is the second most difficult section to write in an essay or speech. Students often struggle to write these two sections which push them to consider or start viewing help from online essay writing service as a reliable option. However, with practice and commitment, some students find themselves comfortable with writing their essays and getting high marks as well.
A conclusion for a speech should not be any different to other conclusions.
Here are the tips on how to write such a conclusion:
Restate your main argument or the thesis statement.
Restate the supporting arguments you included in the body section.
Finish with a remark that asks your audience to take action and be a part of the volunteering project.
Outline example for a persuasive speech on volunteering
The structure of a persuasive speech on volunteering should include an introduction, the body section, and finally a conclusion. It follows the standard format and the three sections must be included in the essay. When writing an essay, it is important to always start with an outline. Below is a sample of a persuasive speech on volunteering outline:
Persuasive Speech on Market Cleaning Volunteer Program
Introduce yourself and the organizers of the program.
Provide a brief history of the market’s cleaning exercises.
Include a thesis statement. For example, mention how people have been falling sick as a result of contaminated water and air.
Body Section
The danger of waste accumulating in the market.
The negligence of the local government as well as the community’s leaders.
The importance of the locals taking the initiative by either forcing the local government to act or acting for the good of the community.
Mention a few examples of communities which came together to clean or do other activities.
Restate the thesis statement. Talk of how airborne diseases could be reduced.
Restate the speech’s supporting arguments as included in the body.
Finalize by making a final plea asking the audience to volunteer for the cleaning project.

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