How To Write A Good Comparative Essay

December 4, 2020

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What is a Comparative Essay
It is of great importance to note, comparative essays are the one designed to give a comparison between different alternatives as well as sets of information. This article provides an insight concerning the factors a student is required to consider in order writing a comparative essay. If these factors are taken into account while writing the article, then the essay will be appealing, and at the same time, it will be able to capture the attention of the reader as well as enabling the reader to appreciate the similarities and the differences portrayed in the essay. Discussed below are the factors to be considered.
How to start a comparative essay
In starting a comparative essay, the writer has to ensure they have a broad knowledge concerning what the comparison is all about. It is essential to have an outline of the content of the essay before starting. The author has a responsibility to ensure the way the order in which the points are introduced in the article is the same order in which they are arranged in the introduction part. The order can only be achieved by ensuring the framework is well completed before starting off. If the writer is aware of how well to start writing a comparative essay then, it will lead to writing an essay that is capturing attention thus keeping the readers in suspense until the end. The author has to start off by picking up clearly two topics which have more similarities as well as the differences so as to be able to compare them in a way that gives out the meaning to the subject. Once the writer can choose the topic of comparison, then it will be easier to look for at least three or more points where the comparison and the similarities are to be based.
How to write body paragraphs for a comparative a comparative essay
During the body development, the writer has to make a decision concerning the number of paragraphs that the body should be broken into. It is done by making an approximation of how long the essay is determined to be. The approximation is done by doing a consideration on the number of words to be used. An essay with five hundred words and below should be split into less than seven paragraphs, but an article with more word has to be divided into shorter sections so as to ensure that the reader is attentive throughout. After the length is determined, then there is the need of considering the exact number of topics to be discussed. The writer has to apply a method of mixed paragraphs if possible. This method if applied, the writer should be able to address different aspects of the comparison in different sections. During the item development, the author has to ensure that there is an alteration of subjects, such that, each topic is addressed at its topic. Still, in the body, the writer is to cover every issue at its own time and more importantly ensuring that the issues are covered thoroughly as per.
How to conclude a comparative essay
In concluding a comparative essay, the author has to start by way of giving a particular summary concerning the points covered in the body. The writer should ensure that the entire article has been wrapped up such so as no loose ends are to be left. The wrapping up of the essay is done to make sure that everything the writer had promised to tackle earlier in the introduction is taken care of. It should be done by giving out a summary during the conclusion. In similar essay conclusion also, the author has to provide an inference concerning the two subjects of concern.
Possible topics for comparative essay
There are many topics which can be put into consideration when it comes to comparative study. Among the topics to be taken into account includes a comparison between two sports team. In comparison, the writer has to focus on similarity whereby the two teams have same goals of winning. The author should also be in a position to help the reader understand that both teams the team members should be equal in number as well as having the uniforms which are to be identification to all of them. The author should also portray the differences between the two teams whereby they have different strategies of weaning. There have also been the differences in how the two teams are aggressive towards achieving their goals. Another topic which can be considered for the comparative study is a comparison between two systems of government. In these systems, one can be dictatorial while the other can be the democratic rule. The author should be able to bring out clearly that in both rules the government is in control of everything. But in contrast, the democratic government always gives its people an opportunity to make a decision and more so they are given the freedom of speech as well as that of expression. As a result of this, there is what is seen as divided rule as per.
Examples for a comparative essay
An example for a comparative study is the volunteering in America which can be given as a comparison in the book titled Business Society by  (T. van Hal, M. Steenbergen), which talk about participation in voluntary in the policies as well as a partnership. This can be compared with the book by Centro di Servizio which addresses the issue of voluntary as an organization designed for promotion.
In conclusion, the article has brought out clearly how the writer can start up a comparative essay, how to write the body paragraphs, how well to conclude a comparative essay as well as examples of topics for comparative study.

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