Exploratory Essay Topics List

December 4, 2020

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Exploratory Essay Topics
Unlike argumentative or persuasive essays, exploratory essays do not aim at convincing your audience about a specific line of thought or perspective. However, they aim at objectively exploring an idea or question and determining the most appropriate solution or answer to a question. Students should, therefore, desist from seeking definite answers or solutions and tangibly inquire about the topic under study with the sole aim or purpose of informing their audience. While at the end students are expected to offer their opinion, they are not supposed to categorically claim their perspective is right, but only state it as a part of what they best identify them with. Exploratory essays are based or founded on extensive research and students are, therefore, encouraged to engage themselves in research for them to be able to write fact-based articles.
101 Topics for an Exploratory Essay
Topic selection is always an issue for students. While in some instances, teachers select topics for the students, in others, students are expected to choose topics for themselves. While it can be a challenge, it should not always be an issue for students. Below are examples of good topics for an exploratory essay:
Effects of early marriage.
Single parents are doing a good enough job in raising their children just like two parents.
Adoption is a good enough option to build a family.
Effects/Challenges of having same-sex parents.
Do same-sex parents struggle to raise families?
Is it a challenge to be raised by same-sex parents?
What are some of the effects of divorce on the entire society?
How does divorce impact the lives of children?
What are some of the challenges of interracial marriage?
What are some of the challenges of marrying someone from a different religion?
What are some of the effects of terrorism?
Is the response to terrorism justified and achieving the right results?
What are some of the challenges of raising children in a war-torn area?
How hard is it to raise someone else’s child or be a step-father?
Is financial security directly related to the health of relationship or marriage?
Should we consider replacing human teachers with computers?
Is renewable energy a viable option or will the world be able to provide enough energy through renewable energy sources?
Should the developed economies be tasked with helping to provide the developing economies with better health care?
Is gene screening ethical in the field of medicine?
Should we view technology as a solution or a danger to our society?
Are there any positive effects in the use of green products or recycling?
Does voting bear any meaning today?
How much damage is the Internet doing?
What are some of the environmental effects of increased China and India industrialization?
Is the world prepared for the change the Internet of Things will bring?
Is our taxation system fair and should it be changed?
What will be some of the positive and negative changes of nanotechnologies?
Does the assertion that phones cause brain cancer hold any water?
What are some of the positive effects of social media among college students?
How effective is online or distance learning compared to the traditional form of learning?
What are some of the challenges of living as an adopted child?
Are dictatorships as bad as they purported to be?
Is it safe for the world to continue consuming genetically modified foods?
What are some of the main issues of concern with regards to consuming genetically modified foods?
Between genetics and poor upbringing, which of the two should be held responsible for bad behavior in children?
Is the global warming issue being exaggerated or is it just as real?
Should we be more focused in supporting and developing electric cars?
What are some of the effects of social media on interpersonal relationships?
Are our personal relationships growing increasingly distant or stronger?
Is the US government guilty of elevating or worsening the issue of terrorism?
What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed immigration policy?
Will the proposed Mexican border wall help curb or reduce the issue of illegal immigration?
What are some of the psychological effects of obesity, especially in teenagers?
Love is among the most vital factors when choosing a fiancé.
Is the topic man is the main breadwinner still viable for discussion today?
Long-distance relationships rarely survive.
What are the main differences in what men and women are looking for in relationships?
Are the men or the women more likely to break up a relationship?
Does the traditional way of men being the main pursuers still practical?
Why do people get into relationships?
Can people be happy and single or are relationships a must?
Will Google and Tesla succeed in their pursuit of self-driving and electric cars?
What are some of the motivating factors that couples should consider for them to stay married?
Should friendships between ex-s be encouraged?
Should parents be involved in the marriage of their children?
Is premarital sex bad before marriage?
Who should be involved in a young couple’s marriage and what role should they play?
Is technology stealing the very essence or meaning of school?
Should political advertisements be limited?
As a result of the technological advancements, is it time for schools to start using digital course books?
Should gun control be considered a viable option in schools to eliminate the rising number of shootings?
Should the athletics committee consider paying women athletes more money?
Is the US at risk of losing its position as the supreme technology leader?
Why do you think more women join the university in a majority of the Middle East countries?
Are more European countries likely to follow Britain and exit the EU?
Are we moving closer to the reality of China as a global superpower?
Should music and art be used more frequently to help rehabilitate prisoners?
Is the world fighting a losing battle against global warming?
Should Films Boards be asked to reduce the amount of sexual content television?
What are some of the shortcomings of caffeine on young people?
Is caffeine as addictive as people always claim?
Are the propagated effects of caffeine on pregnant women accurate and medically ascertained?
Should running be encouraged as an exercise for obese people?
What role does the US army play in the re-emergence of terrorism activities globally?
How should students manage their time, especially when they are studying for their tests?
Should college loans be changed to grants instead?
What are some of the psychological effects of bullying in teenagers?
Are fast-food joints contributing to the increasing number of obese teenagers?
Food allergies are purported to be or to occur more often today. Why?
Is the government responsible for the high healthcare costs?
When is the right time to commit yourself into a relationship heading to marriage?
Is power training and lifting of weights good for a person’s body?
How do violent video games affect the behavior of teenagers?
Should children be allowed to have phones and interact with strangers in social media?
Why are the US and Russia always at loggerheads over international policies?
How is the refugee crisis in Europe shaping politics within the EU?
How will the EU change as a result of Brexit?
How will the NATO countries be affected if the US cuts or stops their support as Donald Trump said during the campaign?
Will the Arab countries and Israel bury the hatchet or will the enmity continue?
How do activities such as the world cup, Olympics, etc. foster peace and cohesion in the world?
How are East Asian countries, for example, Singapore, and Malaysia rising economically?
Is the world prepared for the inevitable end or depletion of the oil wells?
Should the world be wary of North Korea’s nuclear exploits?
Is the world getting closer or what are the chances of a Third World War taking place?
Should people be wary or concerned with the sale and consumption of genetically modified food?
Why is Uber failing to establish itself in China?
Is the US and the world ready for a first female POTUS?
What are some of the failures and achievements of the Obama administration?
Should the banks and Wall Street have been held responsible for the 2007/2009 depression?
Did the banks and Wall Street learn anything during the 07/09 depression or is the world making the same mistakes that preceded the aforementioned depression?
Did the death of Osama bin Laden bring closure to the many families that lost their loved ones during the 9/11 bombing?
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