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December 4, 2020

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Writing essay not an easy task and many students start working with the mood far from positive. It is not the right position. If you do not believe that you will write a good essay, you will be probably right. Positive attitude is important in any activities, but it is not all. If you feel the excitement because of your essay so much that could even forget the basic rules that you know, it is time to prepare your little Essay Cheat Sheet.  It will not solve all your possible problems, but will reassure you and make writing the essay easier for you.  It is not a magic stick, and it will not force you to write genial essay. It is just a list of the most important points that you should remember before start writing and all the time you will write your work.  With the help of this sheet of paper or file on your PC or notebook you will save yourself time and nerve.
We gathered the main points of the theoretical base that you need to know to write good essay:
•    Analyze the title. Before start writing you need to be sure that you have, understand everything correctly. Pay attention to a words ‘analyze’,  ‘compare’, and ‘discuss’  – it is the direct indication, of what type of narration you should use.
•    Make a schedule.  We all remember the simple rule: 80 per cent of all time will take the preparation and if everything was done well, 20 per cent writing the essay. Rewrite your day timetable to combine your everyday commitments with your essay writing plan. Put a copy at your desk or a saver desktop. It will help you not to forget about your mandatory program for the day.
•    Gathering info. Remember, that before start searching your information you need to know at least approximately what are you going to search and where you can find it. Write the key information in your note. Keep in mind: you need to use online resources wisely.
•    Planning is a very important step. When you get the data down you can start plan out the structure of your essay. Your structure plan needs to be detailed, but not too much. In other case you risk to waste too many time.
•    Write a first version of your essay. Reconcile that if you want to write a good essay it will not be your last try. Note that you are writing for your reader, keep up the academic voice and style.
•    Revise your essay. Print the text out and read it through. Do not be shy to read it to your friends – it is always useful to know the opinion of others, you could get a good advice.  Mark up all changes that you decided to do on a paper and make all these changes in your computer version of the essay. Rename it if you do not want to confuse.
•    Check your essay very careful ly. If your reader will find a mistake in your essay it will make him think that this work was not so important to you, if you did not even, found the time for proofreading.
The biggest fears of student:
•    You are afraid that your essay will be the worst – A little adrenaline is good, but if you wincing every time when hear the word “essay”, hardly you will write a good text. Try to relax and do the best you can. In this case you will not feel sorrow in any case.
•    My essay will sound childish, because I don’t know all the academic words for things. – Nobody is perfect. You are here to learn and after a little time you will write like an expert!
•    I do not know how to write something original. – It is not the main purpose.  It is time for you to read and learn more about works of other writers, you can comment on what they’ve written in your own way and in your own words. Originality will come later.
But, if you still do not want to write your essay or sure that nothing good you will create, you may use our web resource. We understand that you may have different reasons: lack of time, experience or even self-reliance. It is normal to use our help.  If you will contact us and say:”Help me with my essay writing”, we will answer you:  ”When shall we start?”. Our writers will create for you an essay that will become a legend, and if you already written your own text; we will provide you a professional proofreading.  Your grades will only gain from our cooperation.

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