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December 4, 2020

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Easy Ways to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay
One of the latest tasks in the corporate world is to apply the ability to write compare and contrast essays. This is making more schools and universities demand these kinds of papers. Moreover, professors require students to write them with quality. In this article, you will find out the easiest compare and contrast essay help. You will be able to get your paper done in any course and eventually use your skills for a steady career.
What Your Reader is Looking For:
In any essay writing task, you have to make sure your words feed the needs of your reader. When you are making a compare and contrast essay, the word you must keep in mind is: analyzing. You will be basically naming the similarities and differences of two or more major concepts. This means your reader may be:
interested in how you perceive and interpret the topics
seeing if your thoughts help business marketing and advertising
wondering how you understand literature texts
looking for new information on mixed up phenomena
finding out if your comparisons can help them in their daily lives
What are the Best Templates to Use
The template for a comparison output uses specific rules for a thesis. Remember, in creating your thesis your reader will recognize your main argument and see why your analysis is important.
Here are the essential tips in writing the best comparison template.
Be straightforward with your thesis.
Directly write: “The similarities [and or differences] of Concept A and B emphasize [main argument].
Use clear and strong descriptions.
“The influence of ‘Pyramus and Thisbe’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ are both evident in the today’s romance literature.”
Explore ways how to point out the purpose of your paper.
Example 1:
“Despite the different beliefs Roman Catholicism and Protestant Christianity have, it cannot be denied they are founded on the same concepts.”
Example 2:
“The public continuously observes the same purposes of the products but the striking difference between Beauty Product A and B is mainly seen in the actual effects after usage.”
The Most Updated Topics for Comparison
There are several employers and teachers that expect you to bring out your creativity. They often require writing an essay to test your capabilities. Fortunately, these types of works can be written for any major subject or current event. When you desperately need compare and contrast essay help, you should browse the following topics.
History and Politics
Diversity Issues in the 18th century vs. Present
The Greek Empire vs Present US Government
President Donald Trump vs President Kim Jong-un
Heroine Archetypes vs Hero Archetypes in Contemporary Works
World War I Propaganda vs Current Social Media News
‘Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’ vs Modern Books on Racism
Relevance of Contemporary Non-Fiction Works vs Fiction Works
Today’s Naturalist Writers vs Older Naturalist Writers
Effects of HIV vs HPV Today
Brain Health Phenomenon in the late 1980s vs Present
Addresses to Teenage Depression in the 1990s vs Present
China vs India in Reducing Emissions
Awareness of endangered animal species vs endangered plant species
Comparison of Global Warming Triggers
Comparison of Present Global Warming Preventions
Comparison of Mammals over time
Online education practices vs Traditional education practices
Promoting use of social media for projects vs non-use of social media
Special Education in the K-12 curriculum vs Montessori curriculum
Effectiveness of APA Researches vs MLA
Television and Film
EMMYs vs Golden Globe Awards guidelines over time
Growth of adapted vs original film scripts
Payment of actresses during Hollywood golden age vs present
Comparison of female directors over time
Importance of a producer’s role over time
Ancient Asian practices of Buddhism vs Buddhism practices with Western influences
Comparison of Christian sects
Comparison of peace views between Muslims and Christians today
Influence of Taoism principles today vs ancient times
Old marketing strategies vs new marketing strategies
Comparison of investments over time
Comparison of self-performance over time
Comparison of advertising over time
Effective Methods to Finish Your Compare and Contrast Essay
Now that you know the template and possible topics your paper can cover, you are ready to learn about the best compare and contrast writing help methods.
Point #1 Keep the outline of your essay in mind
The compare and contrast essay outline follows the basic pattern of all kinds of essays. It is consisting of:
The Introduction and Thesis, The Body of Main Points and Supporting Details, and Conclusion
Point #2 Invest in quality time for your thesis
If your paper is needed for eventual research, giving time to your thesis is vital. You should reserve a minimum of 15 to 30 mins for the following tasks:
Reading articles on your topics
Jotting down general insights
Ensuring credible references
Reviewing past arguments about your main points
Analyzing your stand on each topic
Point #3 Establish your argument and ability to inspire
In the first paragraph, you will be creating an essay introduction and applying the best template thesis. The rules for this part of your paper are:
Keep the introduction intriguing and purposeful
Send a clear message with your template thesis for comparison
Include what insights readers or future researchers can receive from your essay
Point #4 Use less fancy words and nail down facts
When writing the compare and contrast essay body, it is best to use simple words and facts. Compose a main point that proves your thesis plainly. Then reinforce the point with supporting facts from your research.
“Main Point- The similar writing styles of Bronte and Shelley is evident through their use of Gothic elements.”
Supporting Facts:
“Harvard University (2012) emphasizes that Bronte used scenarios such as the ghost-like traits of her characters to create suspense. While Faulkner (2015) stressed that Shelley magnifies the horrors of her creature to impress readers.”
Point #5 Act like a whipper in a debate
When drawing a comparison conclusion, you can model your statements like a debtor. A great debtor can convince the writer his comparisons are relevant to further studies. This is done simply by:
Summarizing your main points
Highlighting or paraphrasing your thesis
Focusing on an empowering realization on the topics
Suggesting how your comparisons influence research
Time to Examine the Compare and Contrast Essay
The last easy way, this article can get you the best compare and contrast essay writing help focuses on examination. Look at this sample essay on Plato and Socrates. You will discover that all the advice given is helpful in getting your paper done.
Shaping Man’s Spirit: A Comparison on Plato and Socrates’ Philosophies (Compare and contrast essay sample)
Now more than ever, the radical changes of man’s philosophies are being examined to foretell the state of his spirit in the far future. Tackling the shaping of man’s spirits requires today’s scholars to reflect how man saw his spirit in the past. Among the most influential establishers of spiritual philosophies, it is undeniable that man cannot forget Plato and Socrates. The main similarities these two men share is the belief the human spirit should be a subject of continuous study. The big difference of the Platonic and Socratic views emphasize that spirit can either be shaped through family values or through individual effort respectively.
Through the several recorded literature and dialogues on human spirit, it is evident that both Plato and Socrates had a deep passion for the subject. Republic, Sophistical Refutations, and Apology are just a few sample texts that present the elaboration of the human spirit value. The Greek Academy (2012) states that both philosophers agreed the spirit was a substance of a human that could be molded. In a separate study, Whitestone (2014) also points out that Plato and Socrates were men that believed without the spirit the hunger for knowledge could not be established.
The major Platonic and Socratic beliefs on human spirit is another valued research aspect. According to Athenian Society (2017), Plato believed more in the family’s ability to shape a man’s virtues. He idolized the relationship of a father and son. On the other hand, Socrates criticized how men often spent too much time investing on their sons. Sons often did not share the same quality performance of their fathers. Men spirits therefore have been shaped on dependence and could be better built by self-effort.
Research proves that the human spirit will be dependent on both family and individual influences. We ARE Worldwide (2000) states that culture has implications for a man to follow Platonic or Socratic spiritual philosophies. This study ensures that Plato and Socrates are still relevant in spiritual studies with their shared belief the human spirit will always remain a phenomenal subject. The continuous effort of scholars to examine family values in the field of Psychology proves Plato’s arguments on how human spirit is shaped. While their credits to self-effort in other psychological studies, proves Socrates’ perspectives. The two interpretations establish the diversity of their philosophies. Therefore, scholars can prove Plato and Socrates share unique perspectives on the human spirit.
You can now use this article to review the best compare and contrast essay help. From getting topic ideas to formulating a conclusion, you can remember all the best tips here. Your friends, employers, and teachers would all be amazed on how you find writing your essay effortless because of this article.

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