College Tour (Essay Sample)

December 4, 2020

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Owning the Future
A Reflection on the College Tour
Taking a literal trip to the future can seem like an idea from a science fiction movie but anyone can feel this is possible when on a college tour. Participating in college tours are important because they give students a realistic idea about college. They serve as the best opportunity for a student to own his future based on his observations and established conclusions about the college of his choice. This paper will narrate the common characteristics of college tours to prepare students for the insightful experience. It will further reflect on the importance of college tours for students to consider and review.
The Main Offices for Students and Teachers
The first place a student should observe on a college tour are the main offices for students and teachers. One flaw some colleges have is that students are given difficulties with receiving information on their grades and courses. Thus, noting the relationship between main office workers and students will be helpful in choosing the best college.
One can also observe in the main offices the atmosphere teachers work in. If the professors are treated well and are empowered by a harmonious environment, it can be concluded that the college is a good choice. Happy professors equate to better education and that the college values its educators.
A student should not skip checking out the main offices on a college tour because it ensures him that the college is run by efficient and happy administrators.
The Classrooms
A student should try to get a sit-in on a college tour. This will be the most beneficial activity in a tour experience because it reveals the teaching methods of the school. It will also give a glimpse to the academic attitude of its current students. In the classrooms, one can discover if the beliefs of a student are parallel to those of the school. It would be the place wherein the standards of a chosen course or field of study will be presented. When a student gets a chance to sit-in the classrooms on his college tour experience, he would get the opportunity to plan better with his academics. He would be able to eliminate unnecessary college choices and become more determined with a specific college.
The Library
Another essential destination a student should make on the tour is the college library. The library will show students the books and technology used on campus for their academic endeavors. On the actual site, one can see himself using the library resources for his studies and research. He can observe the study habits of the college’s current students. The library should also have programs that enrich and empower its students. It may also be a place where school clubs, seminars, and events are promoted. Students should always ensure the library is part of a college tour so that they may draw the proper conclusions on the colleges they are choosing.
Eating Areas
Students should also check out the eating areas on the campus. This equates to the dining hall or cafeteria and the available restaurants. When students observe these areas on a college tour, they can see or even chat with the current students. They can get an idea of the social life the college students have. They can find out the trending topics that the college are following and see if the campus prioritizes nutrition too. Students will be able to see if they can truly “fit in” by including the eating areas as part of their college tour experience.
Being part of college tours should be prioritized experiences because they help mold a student’s future. Students should take advantage of observing the common college tour spots to help them determine their future’s path. College tours gives students the best learning experience on college decision making and key ideas on gaining academic success.

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