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December 4, 2020

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Help with college essays writing
What makes you an outstanding applicant amongst the many candidates for an admission of a college? Perhaps you may be happy due to your good grades, but if by chance you are five students who tie on the same qualification. What will make you be the best? Your college application essay is the answer. Consult with college essay help instructors for a greater impact beyond your imagination.
What do colleges look for in an application essay?
While grades, test scores, curriculum, and strength are the major factors in college admission decisions, college admission essays are the evidence that the applicant can read and write well. Besides, the administrators would want to know about the personality of the applicant as well as for the determination of fit. On the same note, the essay assures the admission committee that a student can do work. Therefore, students mostly apply for competitive schools and their essays usually make a great different in the quality and number of acceptance offers they get. For students who narrowly miss admission requirements, college admission essays is another way of convincing the administrators that the student is the right one for the program besides being an eligible candidate to offer a meaningful contribution to the school.  Through enthusiasm and passion, students normally make the difference regarding their best qualities and show the admission committee what make them stand out regarding writing skills, content, tone, and organization.
How to answer on possible college application essay questions?
In most cases, college application essays have “you” questions, “why us” questions and questions on creativity.  Questions on “describing yourself” normally give the students chances to tell the administrators about themselves concerning expression as well as their unique skills and potential other than the grades.  Therefore, students should focus on the main points instead of generalizing on all the information.  Furthermore, the students are not supposed to write their resume in paragraph form.  Instead, students should present their feelings, a person or event in a narrative form. Thus, the essay should be a story about one’s self.
On a separate note, a “why you want to attend our college?” question revolves around students’ career choices, goals and their commitment to a particular college. Thus, the question requires students to elaborate on their focus as well as tell the admission committee about the programs offered by the institution. Besides, it offers the student the opportunity to elaborate on the program of his choice.  The student can also tell the admission committee about the positives of the to-be school and how its programs rhyme with the student’s career objectives.
Ten tips on crafting best college essay
College admission essays usually reveal a student’s unique skills and personality apart from the grades that are presented at the admission panel. Therefore, college essay writing help provides the following ten tips for crafting an essay.
Brainstorming: even though writing an essay sometimes becomes hectic, students are advised to brainstorm on their personalities as well as defining their strengths. Therefore, it is important to review some application essay prompts when brainstorming.
Choose a relevant topic: students should choose relevant topics that correctly address the question.  Staying out of the topic or answering an irrelevant question limits the chances of the essay to be outstanding. Therefore, students should avoid topics such as politics, religion, depression, the death of a parent and divorce among others.
Develop an outline:  it is important to develop an outline to map the ideas that were developed at brainstorming stage. List the at least five main points followed by sub-points that elaborate on the different main points and examples on the topic.
Develop the first draft: after collecting enough information on the topic, write the first draft on a piece of paper and make them flow.
Create the three parts of the essay: students should divide the essay into three parts namely;
The introduction which should be one paragraph introducing the essay with a topic sentence and a thesis statement. The second part of the essay is the body which entails several paragraphs elaborating the main points outlined. Each point should form its paragraph with the main idea as the first sentence. Each point is elaborated as a separate paragraph with sub-points supporting the argument. However, the paragraphs should be tailored towards the thesis statement and address the topic. The last part is the conclusion. This is a one paragraph summary of the main points elaborated in the body. Furthermore, the conclusion should reiterate the thesis statement and should answer the “So what?” question.
Be specific when writing the essay: the student should relate the essay to the given question and relate it to their qualifications, personalities and should be relevant to the topic.
Maintain creativity: it is important to note that college admission essays focus on the applicant, not the general world view. Therefore, students should ensure that their essays are unique and as creative as possible to avoid blending with others’ essays as well as ensuring that the essays stand out from the rest.
Maintain honesty:  when writing college admission essay, the student should be honest about their quality, capabilities, and experiences as well as the reasons for attending a particular college. It is important to avoid writing on what you think the admission committee wants to hear. Instead, answer the provided questions with honesty as possible.
Consult friends and get feedback on the essay: it is important to show the essay to friends, families, and tutors and ask for adjustments that are necessary. After that, make the necessary changes that are required but stick to the main idea and voice and well as ensuring that the essay remains your own.
Proofread the work and make corrections: proofreading the essay after completion is necessary to correct grammatical, spelling and sentence structure errors. The best ways to proofread the work is getting someone else who has not seen the essay to read it. These people can note slight mistakes that are normally omitted when writing an essay.
3 Samples of college application essay
Application essay example (Maryland)
Maryland and I share a common vision. I love to be part of Maryland College. Therefore, I worked extremely hard in my career besides to reach this moment. Besides, I herein present an outstanding college application essay to back up my testimony as for the student who is required in the institution. Initially, I spend most of my time preparing menus based on the dietary requirements hence I developed a passion of becoming a dietician. Besides, my father is a dietitian who works with the local hospitals and is an experienced doctor advising patients on the right foods to take relevant to patients’ medication. As a result, I spend sometimes reviewing his research reviews on nutritional topics. Consequently, I developed an interest in nutrition therapy and one of the requirements is to study dietetics. Therefore, being part of an institution that offers such programs will help boost me boost such skills hence Maryland is the only institution with such program that suits my career.
In addition to the dietetics program, I like Maryland College due to the culture of diversity that is implemented by the staff and students. The institution is accommodative to all students from different backgrounds including international students with same mindsets and values of the institution. This environment creates room to develop trust, honesty, and success.  Therefore, my background as Cuban-born American who has an array of talents will improve the innovation perspective of the institution as well as develop my talents further for success.
I long to perform as expected by the Maryland College’s department of nutrition that couple education, research, and attachment to its students to ensure improved excellence for the students. I am convinced that Maryland College is the best choice to nurture my skills and talents on therapeutic nutrition further.
In conclusion, even though I have gained some skills in nutrition, I feel that such skills are still not adequate hence having ample time in Maryland College will improve my potential beyond the limit.
Application essay example (Springfield)
From the time immemorial, I have seen myself as an engineer. I have been in love with hand on experiences and conducting experiments and derive my excitement from such experiments. I am usually fascinated by the different scientific projects and such long time hand on experience has made me a talented engineer. Besides, I have been attending exhibitions and museums that offer artifacts and experiments on engineering. Besides, I love watching programs on robotics and mechanics which have been helpful in the development of the skills.
At Springfield High School, I spent at least three hours a day in the mechanical laboratory and participating in the physics class. My precious time has been the summer holidays.  I spent a lot of time participating in scientific projects especially in the examination of different equipment. This aspiration and dedication made me realized my potential in engineering. Besides, I have been longing to work on computer-based mechanical engineering technicalities to learn other aspects especially the automotive techniques.
Mechanical engineering with automotive options is offered at the University of Maryland-College Park hence joining the institution will be the best decision to make. It is an initiation of experiencing the reality through hands-on experience in the college. The institution has highly experienced technicians, engineers as well as enough facilities that would help me upgrade my level of skills.
In conclusion, I feel alive upon realization of the different programs offered by the University of Maryland-College Park. I am particularly impressed with automotive engineering option that suits my skills and career choice that I have always longed. To me, engineering science is the gateway to success which will open the doors for self-reliance and hand on experience that I have been doing since my days in high school.
Application essay example (Harvard)
I am happy to write an application and essay to the University of Harvard. I love the institution’s main campus from the moment I visited the place. The environment is favorable and pleasant for learning. Besides, my elder sister was an alumnus who has unending positives about the campus.
The University of Harvard offers many programs and best academic curriculum at affordable fees with hands-on practical. Besides, the tutors are professional and boast of their high experiences and quality delivery of these programs which make me be assured of success. My sister even though joined the institution with lower grades. She emerged the best in her department and received an award of the most improved student in the whole year.
I am interested in attending the University of Harvard majoring in education. I have reached the decision since it is the college of my dream as well as the numerous successful alumni that I have interacted with. For example, I call the institution as part of the family because my father attended the school followed by my eldest sister. Besides, three of my dad’s friends are former students from the school and are successful in life. Secondly, the institution is closest from hometown Cambridge.
Regarding the campus, University of Harvard offers the best facilities that suit my expectations. I visited the institution in the last summer during university tournaments and got an opportunity to access the hostels. The facility is clean and is within the proximity of the academic center.
On a separate note, I want to be one of the University’s athletes. I am a football who has won different prestigious awards at the national and interstate levels during my time in high school and was motivated by the institution’s performance in athletics.
In conclusion, I believe that the University of Harvard is the right institution for me. This is because the institution provides both academics and core curriculum activities at the highest level all over the USA. It is also well located in Cambridge where I reside. Thus, I anticipate a successful academic life in the university.

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