Capstone Project – What Is It?

December 4, 2020

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Capstone Project
A capstone project is a project that is done in two semesters in which students choose their desired project or topic and engage in it depending on the discipline. When the whole process is done the student presents the paper which will consist of information that shows a deeper understanding of the topic and possible solution. It is also done with the help of a mentor.
Capstone project can also be called or defined as culminating project, a capstone experience or even senior exhibition since it is similar to a college thesis. In this area students are encouraged to do their own research in desired topic in order to ensure that students produce the desired content. The senior exhibition has acted like a vehicle in which student have proved that they can depend on their own to solve different problems.
Purposes of the capstone project
The purpose of capstone project generally is to make the student think critically and have great analysis. During the process you will be able to solve problems using the skills acquired. Another good purpose of capstone project is to enable you acquire skill in communication, presentation and manner of behaving.
Personally, yourself-esteem will be high since you will be able to depend on your own. You will also be goal oriented, good planner, and self-dependence and give you positive attitude towards certain issue. The process is entails discipline. This means that you will be able to gain good discipline since you will be needed to conduct research in different fields as well as learn how something operates. Hence you will gain knowledge.
Examples of capstone project
There are a good number of capstone projects from available topics. Depending with the field of study you can choose to engage in any type of area. These areas can be nursing, computer projects, and engineering among others. These fields provides you with quite a number of proposal to engage in. For instance in nursing capstone you decide to work on the following area:
prevention of Lyme diseases in children,
education and asthma care in nursing home,
management and prevention of diabetes in African countries among others.
These are just but examples which you can use after doing a good research.
Another field is the electrical and electronics engineering. In this field, various projects have come out and become a success. For instance election result visualization. Such a project was conducted under the idea that results can be streamed using the internet. Results are displayed using a given proposed system that shows clearly the race. Two is job proposal system. This system was proposed so that people would have access to required information about jobs.
Educational goals of the capstone project
In high school, the major goal of having a capstone project is to ensure that you think critically. The first thing you need is to identify a certain topic that has a problem and in your research you will give solution. However, we cannot rely on critical thinking but also; it boosts your knowledge, and creativity. Capstone project is aimed at achieving certain educational goals. A good example is the goal that requires college students explore their mind with research. Doing research and presenting improves our speech, mode of presentation as well as the manner in which we communicate. Capstone project educational goal also include, to motivate students, increase career aspiration, improve students self-perception and confidence and lastly to demonstrate proficiency
Capstone project does not only help the student in terms of personal gaining but also it’s a requirement that you must fulfill. In order for you to finish your final level, you will be needed to do a capstone project. The seniors in college feel like this project are a complicated program but in real sense, everything done in the project counts a lot.
How capstone project will help you in career advancement
Capstone projects provide students with education but more so build their career. Students will participate in a work-based project that will be in line with their careers. Some projects simply are there to enable college students or high school students show their talent. This talent when incorporated with these projects can be somebody’s career. Giving a reflection of who you are and what you can do, it is easy for you to explore career profession. Having specialized in one area of interest for instance, engineering, you generate a project that can define your career and help you nature it.
Who can help you in capstone project?
Capstone project require someone with great understanding and great thinking. Having someone who knows your potential, strength, area of weakness and also your abilities is of much importance. Capstone project are meant to help students discover problems with their possible solution. A good person who can help you achieve this is a mentor. Mentors are there to build our thinking and shape us. Having a mentor especially who is a tutor will help you achieve your objectives. Also friends play a crucial part in this project. Friends will help you acquire the right resources as well as help you choose on a given topic which will give you good marks.
In terms of career development, mentors will lead you and help you discover your potentials. Mentors who are tutors know the great ability in you. So when one shares with them your project, they will advise you on areas to handle with care.
Is it ethical to use essay writing service while working over the capstone project?
It is up to student. Essay writing services only give you work done by someone else. Capstone project benefits the student alone since it is an educational requirement. It is advisable to seek guidelines from your mentor who will help you shape your project. Having worked that is from the internet only limits your potentials. However, you can make research on the internet about certain things that are involved in the project. Googling some terms and definitions or concepts will be a normal research but you should practice to critically think and analyze the situation.
In Conclusion
Capstone project is an educational requirement that helps students builds on their personal strength and thinking abilities. Projects have made people grow into critical thinkers. Putting your brain at work will enable you discover solutions and great ideas. In the college ensure that you have a mentor, favorite tutor who will help you with your dreams of the project. Capstone project apart from helping you personally it also proves to the world that you can observe, discover, analyze, and present possible solutions in our daily life.

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