Bite Of A Friend Or A Kiss Of An Enemy (Essay Sample)

December 4, 2020

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Bite of A Friend
Friendship is indeed one of the greatest treasures in life. It is also such a fragile thing. Some last a year. There are also those that last only till you graduate college. Then, some even last a lifetime. However, there are also friendships that are great while they last, because the next thing you know, you’re the next big gossip.
I always wonder why there are just some moments where friends bite their friends, figuratively. Some do it out of envy. Some out of anger, while there are also those who do so to protect a friend.
One common example of negative biting between friends is when your friends one moment, and she’s telling your deepest, darkest secrets to somebody when you’re not looking. Sometimes, this kind of friendship is toxic, so better end it.
However, there are also friends who bite you or do something bad to you with the aim of keeping you from harm. An example would be when a friend lies about something so that you won’t get hurt from the truth. Though the intention is good, sometimes, this still ends badly.
Kiss of An Enemy
They say that the line between love and hate is far too thin to be defined. I think that sometimes this is true. There are times when even an enemy can become a friend or an ally, even if it is just for a single moment. There are also moments where your dear friend can become your worst nemesis.
I think this is the main reason why some people stick to the mantra, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” This type of situation is a common plot in some chick flicks and movies. In real life, though, this does happen.
Let us be clichéd and use the classic example of a best friend betraying a friend for a guy, only for the betrayed friend to find solace in another ex-girlfriend. This is a scenario that is too much of cliché for it to expect us to exist. But, it does exist. There are moments where your enemy becomes your friend because you find a common ground or may have experienced the same tragic story.
When this happens to you though, you should be wary. Since as they say, love and hate are two sides of the same coin. You may not notice the coin flipping on you.
Which Do I Prefer?
If ever I will be placed in a scenario where I must choose between getting bitten by a friend or being kissed by an enemy (figuratively). I think I’d choose the later. It hurts less when an enemy shows you kindness one moment and revert to being awful the next. This way you won’t expect much of a change from your enemy. However, when a friend whom you trust implicitly turns his or her back on you, then, the hurt can sometimes be crippling.
When your enemy breaks your trust, you won’t feel much since he or she never had it in the first place. When a friend breaks your trust. It hurts and once that trust is broken, it can repair, but will never be the same again.
The main decision though still lies on how grave the betrayal or trust issue is or how great the act of kindness is. In the end, you will still be the one who will decide how things will go from there.
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