Basic Short Essay Writing

December 4, 2020

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There are many purposes for creating an essay, but no matter what they are, the structure remains the same all the time. Every essay consists of introduction, body, conclusions and references. If you are writing a short essay, it is allowed not to include the references.
The short essay of the classic format contains of 5 paragraphs. Essay basic is not only the format you should keep to, but it is also a useful model for developing communication skills and transforming your thoughts into sentences.
Introduction is aimed to involve your audience into the reading of your essay. It should have a thesis statement that will briefly describe the main topic of the essay and your arguments about it. Write a short essay outline. The essay outline should tell reader the main points presented in your work. A well-written essay has the last sentence in the introduction, containing a transitional hook. It will help the reader to move from the first paragraph to the last paragraph of the paper.
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Essay Body
The essay body usually is divided into 3 paragraphs. Each paragraph has its own function and the writer should be very careful with choosing information for each of the paragraphs.
The first paragraph of the body should present the strongest argument of the whole essay. Provide the most significant examples and the cleverest illustrations to have a good beginning. The first paragraph of the body part can be compared to the person’s face. It is the initial thing the audience will pay attention to, so the destiny of your essay depends on it a lot. Experience writers often use reversed hook to tie in with the transitional hook that was mentioned in the introductory paragraph.  The first or the second sentence in the body should present the topic of the essay and prove its topicality. The topic should relate to the thesis statement. Every last sentence of the essay should have so called “hook” which serves as a bridge to the next paragraph. Try to present some provocative questions or unusual ideas to grasp the reader’s attention.  It will assure you that the audience will not lose interest in your essay and continue reading.
The second paragraph should contain background along with strong argument with supplementary significant examples and illustrations. Keep in mind, the “reverse hook” is used to keep the connection with the previous paragraph. It helps to save writing consistency that is one of the main essay basics rules. Present at least one or two new arguments per paragraph. It is also advisable to share your personal experience and write your own story if the essay topic allows to share your personal experience. It will give you additional bonus as the readers are usually quite interested about learning someone’s experience. After you’ve created a transitional hook, start thinking about the third paragraph.
The third paragraph can contain the results of your personal research if you conducted one. You can present some facts from the scientific journals, some statistics or data analysis.  The third paragraph is a concluding one, so it is your last chance to make the arguments presented in the previous paragraphs stronger, more impressive or influential.
Concluding paragraph as it can be seen from its title should draw a final statement of the essay. It should be an allusion to the pattern presented in the introduction. Allusion will help your essay to have a professional look.  One more obligatory feature of the concluding paragraph is a restatement of the thesis statement.  You shouldn’t repeat what was already said, but you should present the same idea with the original language echoing to the previous words of the writing. Note, that the restatement can never be a full copy or duplicate of the thesis statement, presented in the introduction.
After the restatement goes a summary of the previous arguments.  Don’t repeat your arguments but try to analyze them, share your ideas, focusing the strong and weak points of the essay.  A final sentence of the essay should contain a signal that the discussion is over. It can also be a “call to an action” if you prefer.

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