Article Review Of “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, by Nicholas Carr

December 4, 2020

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Summary of Is Google Making Us Stupid?
Essays are of different types, and they also include article reviews. An article review is an article or a type of essay that is typically written for an audience with knowledge of the subject area. A significant portion of students believes that an article review must always be negative and therefore, they focus on only the negative aspect of an article while neglecting all the positive aspects. However, it should be an objective article which focuses on all the sections as well as points or arguments of an article. An essay must always have an introduction, a body section, and finally, a conclusion, and a writer needs to pay attention to all these sections.
In this article, guidelines will be provided, and these will be based on the review of “is Google making us stupid”. Here, the writer will provide the audience with the “is Google making us stupid” summary encompassing the different tricks as well as the flow of the essay. While writing a review, the writer must always desist from giving their opinion because this makes their paper less credible and more subjective. Additionally, others drift from the article provided and write an essay which encompasses material from other articles. Below are aspects or a simple summary of the article “Is Google making us stupid?”
Article Review Of Is Google Making Us Stupid
Our minds are changing as a result of the time we spend online.
The easiness with which people are currently tackling previously strenuous activities like research, etc. is indeed baffling. Everything has been made easy which reduces the amount of energy we spend thinking and discerning between conflicting ideas.
Media does not just supply information to the users, it also shapes the thoughts that flow in people’s minds. Previous habits such as reading are slowly being affected, but only a few people have noticed the change.
Changes in the way people think and absorb information have been detected. We are currently adopting the old styles of efficiency and immediacy which weakens our capacity to read deeply. In the most subtle of ways, new technologies tend to change our original habits as well as the way we think.
The more we use the new technological innovations and inventions the more we change and start taking on similar qualities as the technologies.
People have become hurried readers as well as absorbers of information. We have become like the Internet which seems to have a little bit of everything. The same way that the Internet injects a medium’s content with different content is the same way people are absorbing information.
Traditional media has also been affected. Television programs currently have pop-up ads and newspapers have also been tailored to meet the needs of this generation.
The idea of having the machine or the system come first is slowly taking shape and effect. Inventions initially thought to increase efficiency and help a man to generate or produce with maximum effort, and this output is slowly taking the place of a man. Subsequently, man’s brain has also being conditioned and is, therefore, unable to learn or function as it used to in the past.
Google’s ambition of making it easier for people to access information is indeed interfering with the works of the brain. The brain is a component that should always be engaged, however, with Google’s increased or improved future search engine, brain’s use will surely diminish.
The belief that thinking is a result of a mechanical process is also startling. This necessitates the idea of improving our brains or having them replaced with better and highly efficient ones. Initially, people learned through ambiguity and also by having as many questions as possible. However, currently, Google and its compatriots in the field of technology wants us to believe that ambiguity is but a bug which needs to be fixed.
Our brains represent the epitome of intelligence. The way people process information is indeed many times slower than the computer. However, the most intriguing question is, should we seek to have our processing speed increased or improved? At what expense or at what cost will this be? Google are after every simple piece of data we provide them, and in most occasions, we often have to cancel some adverts without considering the simple fact that we are the people who made it easier for such pop-up ads to appear on our computers.
Newer inventions create illusions of a better future and a better place. However, people are always fascinated with new things and hence the excitement and rush towards them.
The world needs to be wary of the new inventions and technologies. While the old ways of doing things might seem archaic and less efficient than the new ones, they are not only stealing from us the fundamentals of life but also things that help our brains to grow. People are slowly sacrificing a little of themselves by adopting the new ways of living. The essence of humans should always be protected, but the new ways of life are slowly helping to rob us that which makes us human with extraordinary brains.

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