50 Basic Essay Topics

December 4, 2020

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Finding the right topic for the essay can be a challenging task for the student who has to write an essay. Every student understands the importance of the topic choice and therefore it is the number one task to do before sitting to your essay.  You can use the topics presented in our article for creation of your best essay. As you may already know, every essay consists of several parts that include introduction, body and conclusion. However, all these parts would be impossible to exist without the topic, which you are going to describe. There are different types of the essays, however, the topic we propose you are the ones that will be appropriate to any type of the essay, as they are quite basic.
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Education and its importance for the development of the person
Famous book you don’t appreciate
How to solve the problem of the juvenile criminals?
Problem of the national minorities’ language
The influence of historical events to the modern development of the country.
Sex education of teenagers and abortions preventions
Negative influence of the commerce and technological development on children.
The adult who has the most significant influence on you
The most unforgettable experience of your life
The day that left the worst memories
Imagine that you have a chance to do some crucial changes on the Earth. What would you change?
Are you for or against forbidding the alcohol? Prove your answer with the examples from history.
The most terrible experience in your life.
If you were a Sauron, how would you white wash yourself and explain the reasons of your deeds?
What are the margins between handmade and art?
The role of Columbus discovery into the development of modern world.
The most unusual ways of pollination.
Are there any reasons to cancel the vaccination?
Do you believe that Richard III had killed his nephews?
Should the government legalize drugs?
If you could change one thing in the past, what would it be?
How do you understand the curse “May you live in a time of [email protected]/
What is your opinion about archeology: do archeologists reveal the secrets of the past or just desecrate the graves?
What is worse: to be indifferent or hate?
The brightest childhood impression
Modern feminists: what rights women struggle for?
The process of tea production.
What would you think of the world if you saw it for the first time?
Family traditions
Have you ever had love-hate relationships?
Your opinion about “One hundred years of solitude” by Gabriel Marcia Marquez?
The morality of V. Nabokov “Lolita”.
Your attitude towards anti-feminism?
Reasons for preserving monarchy.
What is more important for woman: to be smart or to be beautiful? Give examples from history or literature.
What would you do if your pet could talk?
How to prevent children abuse?
What three questions would you ask if you had a chance to talk to some famous person? Provide your answer with arguments.
 If you had a chance to change one thing about today, what would it be?
What would you do if you were given a president position? What changes to your country would you make?
Your favorite literature character and why?
Are university diplomas still essential for getting good and well-paid job today?
Are there common reasons for all wars in the history of humanity?
What makes people human beings? Give at least 5 arguments.
What would you prefer: career or family happiness?
Should any secret services have an access to our phones and emails?
Why do you choose the hobby you are interested in now?
Where would you travel if you had a time machine? What country and what century?
Should teenagers be given more freedom?
Is it important to have a life goal?

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