100 Best College Essay Topics

December 4, 2020

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If you want to enter one of the best universities in your country, your essay should be not only successful but also inspiring and breathtaking.
The essay is one of the major ways you can distinguish yourself. The most important question that comes up is what topic to choose. We offer you 100 topics that will help you:
You’ve just written an autobiography that consists of 200 pages. Send us page 116.
A difficult choice you have made.
Imagine that you have a time machine that you can use only once. Where will you go? What century will you choose?
You’ve found 1 million dollars, what will you do?
Remember the moment your life changed forever.
If you could become a bridge, which one would you be?
Something a robot could never do.
The difference between a right choice and a wrong one.
Something you never wanted to witness.
 Imagine that there is only one student that we can admit. Why should it be you?
 Something changed in your body and there is only one sentence you can tell. What will it be about and who will you tell it to?
 Evaluate a risk you have taken and how it influenced on you?
 Your secret love.
 How would you spend a million dollars?
 Do you remember any dreams from your childhood? Did any of them come true?
 Describe something you could never resist.
 Why you will never tell lie?
 A conversation you can never forget.
 The important of diversity to you.
 You have a special gift that you can use. What will it be and how will you use it?
 You have a task to write a book. What will it be about?
 Tell us one story about yourself. Something that will reveal your personality or attitude to life.
 A kiss that means or meant a lot.
 It is commonly known that a person can’t live without hugs for a long time. Tell us when you needed a hug.
 What would you do if you discovered yourself on the inhabited island?
 The meaning of colors. How can they change your mood?
 If you lived 100 years what would you do?
 Every person is the product of the environment. Describe your hometown.
 If you could invent something what would it be?
 Describe how the piece of art has changed your attitude or has had a significant influence on your development.
 The most embarrassing moment in your life.
 Give us a complete and sincere picture of yourself. Describe the influence of your personal goals, philosophy.
 If you had a magic wand what would you do?
 An unexplained event.
 What the world would it be like in 150 years?
 How did your personality changed during your life. What factors influenced those changes?
 Your most fortunate day.
 If you could have a conversation with a person who is dead who would you choose?
 Our clothes as a reflection of who we are.
 Describe a challenge you have overcome.
 The animal you would like to be.
 One thing you would like to change in our world.
 Giving gifts or taking gifts. What is more pleasant for you?
 A country you’ve always wanted to visit?
 Imagine that you are a king or a queen of the country. What will you do at first?
 The type of teacher you admire.
 The strangest thing you have seen.
 If your pet could talk…
 When your parents taught you a lesson how did you react? How would you react now?
Life is full of misunderstandings. Have you ever witnessed one of them?
Stereotypes. Do they mean something to you?
“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ― Mae West. Do you agree with this quote?
 Tell us the question you would like to ask an admission officer?
What is the best advice you have ever listened to?
Consider the journal articles you have read and choose one that influenced you the most.
Discuss how a particular work of literature has inspired your life.
“Everything you can imagine is real.”(Pablo Picasso) What will you make real?
 Life is about creating yourself. How did you create yourself?
The first impression is the most important one. Have you ever made a ‘wrong’ first impression.
Who is the secondary school teacher who has made an enormous influence on you?
Imagine that you have just shot your own film. Describe one scene from it.
Tell me who’s your friend and I’ll tell you who you are. Describe your best friend. How did you meet?
What is an educated person responsible for in her/his life?
A cat has nine lives. Do you want to be a cat?
Think of the invention the world would be better off without.
Have you ever overcome a fear? When was it?
Your favourite season of the year. Why?
Nightmare came alive. How would you react?
Your parents are special, aren’t they?
Who am I?
You have experienced a public catastrophe but you need to decide what to do next. Remember that you have lack of time. How would you react?
Write about something that is important in your life.
How will I save the world.
My Dad is a superman.
Describe a place which is meaningful to you.
Write a poem that best presents you.
Your friend has let you down. What will you do next?
My journey is going on.
Tell us your habit that defines you as a person.
Growing up.
Where would you spend one year of your life if you were free from  obligations ?
Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Pieces of my life.
One of my greatest passion.
I am a citizen of the world.
How would you use one day if you were allowed to travel wherever you want and do whatever you like?
The impact of a revolution on your life.
If you could become another person, who would you choose to be?
Significant moments in your life. What makes them significant to you
Imagine that you are a monument. What monument would you be?
Postcard of your life. Describe it.
Imagine that there is a place you always wanted to avoid. But one day you had to go there. How would you deal with this situation. Who would you ask for help or what would you bring with you?
Words that have changed your life.
Running away. Does it appeal to you?
The time has stopped for nobody except you. What would you do?
Your favorite quotation. How it describes you?
Taking a risk. Is it worth it?
What can people say about me?
The series: That’s me!
Two poles of my life.
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