10 Possible Questions On “Lord Of The Flies”

December 4, 2020

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Questions on “Lord of the Flies”
“Lord of the Flies” is a novel that contains allegory and has characters that concentrate on representing the novel’s themes and ideas.
Question 1: What is the main point of Golding?
The central point of Golding in the novel is that there is a conflict between impulse that is directed to civilization and changes in savagery within every human individual.
Question 2: Do the characters belong to a certain spectrum?
All of the main characters in the novel is a representation of an aspect in the spectrum between savagery and civilization.
Question 3: Are there symbols in the story?
The Lord of the Flies is an allegorical novel that uses symbolism through the characters in the story.
Question 4: How is the spectrum shown in the novel?
The spectrum can is shown through the characters of Ralph and Jack.
Question 5: Why are the characters of Ralph and Jack significant?
Ralph’s character demonstrates the civilization aspect as he works from the beginning to create an order between the boys and to create a strong society on the island. Piggy is someone who shows the scientific and intellectual aspects of modernization. Jack, who is at the other extreme end of the spectrum is someone who shows the side of savagery and the unsuspected desire of being powerful.
Question 6: What does the role of Roger represent?
Roger’s role represents violence and lust for blood in its cleanest form.
Question 7: It is mostly the boys who are being discussed in the novel and very few girls are mentioned in the novel, what is its impact in the novel?
The difference in gender is not entirely discussed in the novel, but femininity is presented symbolically through nature. There are male characters in the novel who are feminized by other boys in the story by being labeled as masculine or vulnerable. Part of the boys choir have high-pitched voices that females normally sing. It is not clear whether the tribe of Jack would become violent if girls with the same age were staying in the island.
Question 8: How does Jack utilize the beast to control other males in the story?
Jack establishes power by using the beast to control the boys because it is the enemy, common idol, and belief system. The beast has several aspects that depend on the impact he wants to arrive at.
Question 9: Is fear used by the beast in the novel?
He uses the fear of the boys to give reason to his power in manipulating the group and the violence he is trying to gain. The beast is setup as something to idolize in order to provoke the bloodlust of the boys and create a cult view of the hunt.
Question 10: What is the influence of their belief to the beast?
The belief of the boys in the beast gives a religious undertone for the various nightmares of the boys about the existence of monsters which take the form of a monster that they fear. By leaving the head of the sow in the forest to give offering to the beast, the tribe of Jack continue to believe the nightmare. The skull later on become a religious totem with a unique psychological power, which drives the boys to abandon their need for civilization.
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